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Isaak has the awesomest cowlick. It nearly takes up tons of room on his lil head. I imagine as his head gets bigger it will get smaller. Positive thinking, eh? I love his little cowlick because whenever he gets into the car seat or a little sweaty the thing gets volume! it goes all curly crazy messy. I'm always trying to swirl it back into place. I imagine it looks like I never comb his hair. Maybe I don't. I'm not going to tell. Cory got some awesome pictures of his bed head. I love the pictures I think that he's adorable in them. He has one of my favorite Isaak looks on his face.This day was awesome. It was supposed to be rainy and yucky out, but it was gorgeous. We didn't even do anything that exciting besides get a copy of our marriage license and Isaak's birth certificate. We stopped in SLC on our way home at the Belgian Waffle place and had ourselves a Gaufre. Yum. I love them and it got me thinking about Belgium and how much I love the city of Brussels a…