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The close up

This is the face I see on a daily basis. I usually am this close because I'm always singing, gooing, noise making, and kissing his little face. I'm glad that this is not a close up of me I wouldn't look near this good, especially with a dead on shot like this. I actually have a favorite side of my face and I always try to take pictures from that side. It's my camera side-if you notice in most pictures I'm always facing the same direction. Cory has learned to ask me-wait is this your good side? I must say that he always says that both of my sides are good, but I'm picky.

Another week passes

Isaak is now nine weeks old. I can't believe it's been that long. It's a miracle to see how far we've come. It's far. The first week Cory went back to work I almost had a panic attack. I thought I can't believe he's going to leave me alone with the baby. At this point he (Isaak-not Cory) was crying quite a bit and I was so overwhelmed. His crying has decreased quite a bit in the last few weeks. We still have rough spots, but the light is surely shining. Hopefully it will keep on shining outside-I want the warm weather back. It makes being at home so much more fun because we can go on walks and read on the lawn. Some of the fun things that Isaak has started to do in the last few weeks are......

1. He has actually laughed-a real laugh! He has only laughed twice and Cory has unfortunately missed both times.
2. He loves to hear you sing and make silly little noises. He will play after he eats for about 45 -90 minutes and if you leave him alone for too long he let…

Our petit pois

Sometimes Blogger makes me want to pull my hair out because I can't get the pictures where I want them, which is why I'm posting this picture separately. We bought this blanket in China and Isaak really seems to like it. It folds all up and then we wrap the strings around. I actually thinks he loves it because he slept from 11pm to about 7am. He was super cozy and we were super happy.

Grow, Grow, Grow

So I'm fully aware that these pictures are super boring and no fun whatsoever, but I'm amazed at how fast Isaak is growing. I mean seriously amazed. I look at the outfits that say six months on them and I think to myself-he'll never fit in those and then he grows and grows and grows and grows. I know I might sound surprised that babies get older, but it seems to be happening so fast. I'm even starting to forget about how I felt right after I had him and the two weeks following. I think Heavenly Father wants me to forget, so that I'll have more. haha. So here are some of Isaak's outfit. The one on the right is the one that he wore when he first came home and he's currently wearing the one on the left.I know it's upside down, but I wanted to try and show you how much smaller the other outfit was. He's just getting sooooo big. I know I should have flipped the picture, but I didn't realize that it was upside down before I uploaded it, so you will al…

Play time

I'm amazed that people keep asking to see pictures of Isaak. I'm shocked that nobody is begging to see pictures of me-hahaha. Babies are so cute. Every morning when we get up I am sure that Isaak looks bigger. I love it. Some people say they wish their kids could stay babies forever because they hate when they start getting manipulative, but I say bring it on-maybe working with manipulation is more in my comfort zone. I guess I won't know until I have another baby-I have no idea when that will be because the idea of being pregnant again is still very unappealing. But here are some pictures of Isaak during his playtime yesterday. I discovered that he likes when I speak Chinese to him. He will try to make noises back at me to match my noises-no wonder the chinese learn to speak so fast. Just a disclaimer I am not fluent in chinese I know random phrases, numbers and the alphabet, but all the same he likes them.

The big one

So I know it's been a couple of weeks, but I think it deserves mentioning. I turned 30. The black over the hill birthday. I just want you to know that I didn't feel any different, but I'm still in a newborn haze, so I'll let you know if it changes when the haze passes. The only thing that made me think that I was getting old is that when we pulled into a parking lot a car pulled in across from us and when the boys started getting out I thought to myself, "Surely they aren't old enough to drive. They look like they are barely in the sixth grade." I remembered someone saying that when high schoolers start to look young, then you are getting old. I don't know if I believe such a statment-maybe I'm just getting wiser and more knowledgeable and I understand better what I had no idea about before. I remember being a teenager and I'm surely not wanting to go back-so far the twenties have been my favorite part of my life span. Hopefully life continues…