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the pics

Okay-so I'm feeling a little more confident today. I went to church and people saw me and nobody screamed. haha! I actually think that I like it-second day is usually always better, eh? It reminds me of a time on my mission when the same kind of thing happened. I said just un petit peu! (a little bit), but I came out with a whole new head of hair and I cried--you have to know that when you are on a mission everything seems worse than it really is and better than it really is-highs and lows=not so many inbetweens. So enough of this blabbing--I'm posting some pictures.

So this is what I imagined I might have looked like yesterday when I looked in the mirror--thinking what have I done!!!!Me today thinking--hey I think I like it. I can actually smile about it today.Isaak in the cutest hat ever-sorry the lighting is kind of bad, but it was cloudy and darker than usual, but isn't he just the cutest ever? I love him in this outfit. I would have him wear it every day so I could loo…

The hair

Yikes. Every time I go in and say I want my hair shorter they always cut it too short!!! I should say I just want a bit of a trim maybe three inches and then I'd get five. Don't worry Teana-I'm not talking about you. First it must be said that almost every time I go to the salon to get my haircut I have to go back the second day and get it fixed because one part of my hair looks like a poof ball. I've had a hard time getting a good haircut since I realized I had curly hair. I got my hair cut today and I wanted to go shorter so it could dry faster. I was imagining a few inches past my shoulders-well the stylist imagined an inch above my shoulders. I've never had my hair this short. I might have freaked out a bit as it set in. I tried to put my hair in a ponytail and it reaches, but its like a little fuzz ball not a ponytail. She also thinned it out so it wasn't poofy-so I actually feel kind of bald. I should say that it is a really great haircut and the color is…

The Best Day--YET!!!!!!

AHHHHHHH! That is not a scream ah, but a ahhhhhh-as in ahhhh that's awesome. I loved today. It was Isaak's best day of life-I think he really enjoyed it too. We started at 7am and he slept all night long. He didn't even wake up to grunt-awesome. Then I got ready for work (my nia class) and he was super-super happy. He just hung out smiling and looking at lights. I got all ready and was even ten minutes early to my Nia class. The class ended in a standing ovation and who doesn't love to get a standing ovation-if that wasn't enough to make an awesome day when I went to pick up Isaak, Cory was there waiting for me. He got half the day off. Yeah-awesome! So we hurried home and made a picnic lunch and went to the park. Isaak just sat on the blanket with us. We spent time together that didn't involve crying, bouncing, switching off, pacifying or anything of the sort-we just spent time together. I loved it. We were at the park for a couple of hours. I kept Isaak in th…

Choo! Choo!

Isaak has some stomach problems which is why we may see his crying face a little more often then we'd like, but it's getting better and better. He's a little trooper. Cory tried the choo choo train one day and he loved it. It distracts him from his stomach and for some odd reason seems to help. I don't know-he's an enigma. The first part of the video he's completely distracted by the camera, but you'll get to see his cute choo-choo face. It's funny the things that amuse me as a parent.


I am completely shocked with the recent choices I've been making. Now before you get worried I have to tell you that I never thought that I would even have a desire to do the things that I'm currently doing right now....are you curious????? I have started running! I know I'm just as shocked as you are. I've talked and talked about how much I hate running and I don't think that it's fun and how I think that I'd much rather dance. I went to a hip hop class the other night and it surely wasn't a hip hop class-it was terrible! We were doing all these leaps, turns, rolling around on the floor and an occassional shoulder shrug-I think the person teaching the class thought that because we shrugged our shoulders jazz turned into hip hop. I hated the class. So we went to my Mom's house the other night and she decided to run a half marathon. I said-no way. I'm not interested. Cory happily joined ship and said-I'd love to run. Well needless to say I s…