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My Growing Boy

I used to get the awesomest pictures of Isaak and now all I get our action shots. Isaak won't hold still! I try to get him to smile for the camera and he does for a second and then he's off again. I'm lucky to get a great picture of him if he's engrossed in his go-gos, which are his cars. I've been doing a scrapbook of his life so we have proof of all the crazy stuff he does. I just finished this one about a month ago and it reminded me of how smiley and adorable this boy is. He just loves life! He's determined, outspoken, and vivacious. Voom! Voom!See it's proof! He used to smile and look at the camera for more than a nanosecond. I love that boys smile! I love, love, love, love it!

Being Sick is Hard to Do

Being Mom is not the best time to get sick, so for the next twenty or so years I hope that I can try to avoid sickness. I guess that's going to be hard since somehow my hands have become tissues. Isaak caught a cold a couple weeks ago and I caught it from him. I wonder how that's possible--it couldn't be that he'd wipe his nose on my pants leg could it? Every time he'd walk past he reach up to me like he wanted loves, then he'd quickly rub his nose all over my pants. I did a lot of laundry that week. I thought I recovered quickly from the cold, but I hit rock bottom last week. I woke up on Tuesday and felt like my heart and chest aching. I could barely walk fast without getting winded and I was exhausted by Friday I could barely stand up for about 10 minutes before I needed to sit back down. I started an antibiotic and now I'm peachy as pie. I feel great. Almost. I get tired easy, but I actually have stamina and drive. I want to do things as last week I was…

My Waverunnin' Buddy

Cory's absolutely favorite thing to do is waverunning. My family introduced him to this crazy sport. It's addicting and who doesn't love to go. My parents invited us to go wave-running with them one night up at Jordanelle. They went up after work so we only had a little bit of time. Unfortunately Cory couldn't go with us, so I went with Isaak by myself. I was kind of proud of myself for going alone with Isaak in a car for a two hour car drive. It wasn't too bad. He's getting a little calmer in the car.

We put Isaak in the life jacket and the people around us probably thought we had just cut off his pinkie toe because that boy was screaming! SCREAMING! SCREAMING. He kept tugging at the life jacket and screaming. I thought he would stop as soon as we got on the wave-runner with my Mom, but no such luck. He just kept screaming and screaming and screaming. We went back to the dock and I must admit I was a little defeated and disappointed, but Randy told me to try to…


So they opened up a new aquatics center by our house that is the I love the place. Isaak loves it because they have slides and steering wheels and a pool thats only a foot deep. Cory and I recently fell in love with it because of the flo-rider. I have no idea if that's what it's called, but people keep saying it's like surfing, but it's totally not. It's completely different, but completely cool in it's own way. I would do this everyday if I could afford it. We left Isaak with his Grandparents and we went to ride the wave.When we first got there I was so excited to try something new that I was a little giddy, but as I read the waiver we had to sign I started getting cold feet. It said that my body including my head might be smashed up against some fiberglass. What? I don't want to smash my head into fiberglass, but for the record I did once and it wasn't that bad. I didn't even get a headache. I did on the other hand take a five minute bre…