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An Entire Month

Isaak is already a month old. I can't believe it. I'm grateful that we've made it through. I decided I should post some of my favorite Isaak faces. He can be pretty expressive. He's a funny one. I get excited for him to get older so I can see how he is going to be. This is Isaak's burping face. He has plenty of burping time every day. The infamous tummy-time. He gets to lay on his tummy every day for a little bit and practice picking up his head and he always makes the funniest faces as he's working on it. In the car seat--I took this picture after we got back home from running around. He often holds on to the shoulder straps, but he looks so cute when he's sleeping. He doesn't look like that when we put him in the car seat-we actually get some mad screaming!!!!! The wonky eye look. He was learning how to focus his eyes and I just happened to catch it just at the right time.
The Yawner-which we have recently learned means that we need to put him down as…

Ode to Cory

Brand new Handsome Daddy.

I just wanted to dedicate an entire blog to my sweetest husband. I know that it's super cheesy, but I'm not very good at saying thank you and those of you that know me know that I'm super bossy. Bossy with a capital 'B' and Cory just smiles at me and says, "Did you mean to say please?" I laugh and remember my manners. He is soooooooo considerate and kind. I really mean it. He wakes up every time I feed Isaak to see if I need any help and changes his diaper if I need him too. I didn't even change a single diaper for the first five days. Isaak still has his days and nights all mixed up, so Cory(even when he has to go to work) will stay up with the little guy and then wake me up to feed him in the wee hours of the morning, so I can get some sleep. He is always willing to take Isaak and coddle him into quietness. He's amazing. He also helps me get what I want. He believes in me and helps me dream. He is the greatest husband e…

Happy Valentines Day

Cory and I tried and tried to get a good picture, but our little guy is a bit fussy. Okay a bit is surely understating. He is definitely a crier. But we wanted to wish you a happy valentines day!!!!
This is what we were up against. We decided to accept the mission and got the following pictures.
Happy Valentines Day! Sorry there are so many pictures Cory and I both liked different pictures. So we compromised and put them all up. A win-win situation.

And I thought that I would be bored.....

My biggest concern about becoming a stay at home Mom was that I was going to be bored. I had no idea that I wouldn't hardly have time to shower. Seriously some days I don't get to shower until about one or two in the afternoon. This is partly because in the morning I'm fighting with everything that I have to keep Isaak asleep so I can get more than 4-5 hours of sleep. I know now why I should have be younger to have kids because for some reason when I was in college 4-5 hours of sleep was definitely enough. Now I feel like I've got hit by a freight train. I have been told to sleep when Isaak sleeps, but that means that I never get to shower and then I have no time to do anything else........I know I'm sure people are crying for me. It's also an amazing experience to have this cute little baby that you are completely in charge of-well when you aren't praying constantly for help! We've had some exciting times I've learned a lot more about crying like m…


So I've practically had the camera glued to my hand the last couple of weeks because everything that Isaak does is so cute. This face-that face-lalalala. So here are a couple of the most recent. He's sleeping and I thought-oh when did sleeping become so cute?
It's like Isaak is saying-Please MOM!!! Let me sleep! No more pictures!!!!