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I am a MOM

Wow! What a week and it's only Wednesday. I worked about 21 hours between Monday and Tuesday. I'm amazed at woman that work full time--it must be so hard. I feel like the house is this living breathing entity that constantly needs something done. And if the house doesn't need something done, then I surely need to make dinner or work on some project that I started. The weirdest part about working so much was not seeing Isaak. He was in excellent hands with his Grandma and Grandpa and I know he had tons of fun, but I barely saw him.

Some days as a Mom can be monotonous and some days Isaak can about make me crazy! Some days I don't feel like fixing dinner and some days I'm just a little bored, but most days are pretty great. I get to spend time with Isaak reading, hiking, swimming, swinging, or just running around the yard. I get to watch him and help him with his behavior. I get to help him take naps and then I get the bonus of having down time!!! I love my afternoons…

Guess what???

I'm pregnant. I'm about 5 1/2 months along, which means we know that we are having a little girl!!! I was so surprised when we had the ultrasound that I kept asking--really? I couldn't believe it--I've gotten a few gifts with pink clothes and it seems so weird to have pink when I'm used to dirt, cars, crash, and blue. I had morning sickness worse this time than last time, but it wasn't terrible. I was nauseous, but never ended up vomiting. I had to constantly be eating even though nothing sounded good. Last time I craved meat. Hamburgers, steaks and more hamburgers, but this time I crave vegetables, fruits and berries. Well and vanilla bean ice cream. I don't know what it is and I usually prefer chocolate, but that vanilla ice cream hits the spot every single time. We are due October 30th--I'm excited.

Isaak likes to cuddle the baby and has expressed an interest in me actually having a puppy. I'm not sure he has any idea what having a baby means, bu…