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From me to him

Dear Isaak,
Happy Birthday my little guy! It feels like just yesterday that you were literally pulled out to come into this world. Yes literally with forceps around your little head because you accidentally faced the wrong direction or maybe you faced the direction you wanted to. You didn’t seem like you were quite ready to come out because you were just wailing--almost like you were saying, “You know--I was perfectly comfortable in there.” I’ve learned this year that you surely know what you want and you will not stop until you get it. For example when we tried to spend the weekend away from home and you didn't like sleeping in your playpen! You woke up every 1/2 hour to let us know you weren't comfortable. You finally fell asleep around 3am when we put you on the bouncer. Cory slept with his arm around you on the floor so you didn't roll off. You weren’t going to come easy, eh?? I remember pushing and pushing and pushing and thinking this isn’t going how I thought that i…


Little "I" takes his first daring steps into the unknown...okay we didn't really have the camera ready for his first steps, but he took them on Cory's Birthday. Cory was so excited that Isaak actually gave him a Birthday Present--ahhh, I'm sure your heart is melting.
We've had some big changes in January. Mainly Cory's work schedule. It's all crazy, but we are adjusting. We've gone snowshoeing about five times already this year. Isaak gets so bundled up that it reminds me of The Christmas Story when the little boys cries because he can't put his arms down.
Isaak got swimming lessons for Christmas. I laugh hysterically during the lessons. Isaak isn't a cuddly baby, but in the pool he wraps his little arms around my neck and DOESN'T let go!!! He is warming up to the idea though and was less scared this week compared to last week. But I must admit that I love the cuddling. We also bought him some reusable swim diapers. He looks like he'…