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a picture is worth a ton of words.

Cutest outfit ever-thanks Gina.
Isaak having a chocolate covered marshmallow after asking Santa Claus for cars for Christmas.
the boys playing caterpiter as Isaak calls it in the sleeping bag.
Chloe in her blessing dress at the beginning of december.
I have no time, but here are a couple pictures of Isaak and Chloe from December.

Trudging along

I think going from one to two kids is so much easier than when you have your first. I don't know if it's the idea that you are already in family mode or that you are more prepared to have your world turned upside down. I'm tired often, but I try to nap in the afternoons when I can. I don't seem to have much solo time because I've either got Isaak or Chloe with me. Chloe aka the cuddlebug loves to be held all the time. Chloe takes a nap about 5 to ten minutes before Isaak wakes up from his. But at least I have a few minutes right? She's sleeping now and Isaak is wreaking havoc with his best buddy Jayda. They really are wreaking havoc--How can kids make messes so fast? I'm amazed. I need to work on my mess making skills because they put me to shame unless you count cooking for dinner. I can mess up a kitchen, but i hate to clean it up. I'm happy to have two kids and my recent dilemma is when to have what kid wait. I want to make both Isaak and Chloe happy,…

My Happily Ever After

This post is incredibly long and probably way more information than you want, but I want to remember every single bitty piece and i didn't want to have to do a rewrite from the one I did for myself, so hopefully you don't get too bored with my long story!!!
It all started on a dark and stormy night. Okay so it didn’t, but fall was approaching. We’ve had the greatest summer ever and have even had a nice warm fall. I’ve been in love with the weather. I had given up that Chloe was going to come in October and had fully resigned to the fact that she was going to be born at the beginning of November. On Friday the 28th we rented Jane Eyre from the redbox because I’ve been wanting to see it so badly. Cory liked it more than me. I don’t know what that’s all about, but I seriously regret having lost any sleep to that movie. I imagined it more bright and sunny, but it was portrayed quite strangely in the film, but back to my real story and staying away from movie critiques. Around 1am I…

The big day arrived!!!!

For the LOVE!!

What a day we had. What a day we had. I get tired again just thinking about it. Cory's car is getting the muffler put back on. I'm a little sad about it because Isaak and I could hear his car coming from over a block away when he was on his way home, but it's also a little embarrassing how loud it is. I'm sure it defied all noise ordinances. In any case, Isaak and I have been getting up a little early to take Cory to work, which is kind of fun because we get to see him more, but before dinner it's not kind of fun. It's kind of stinky because it's a hustle to get everything all put together. Yesterday I had to make dinner at about 3pm so I could get everything in.
So back to yesterday. Isaak and I had just rolled our bushy little tails out of bed and both of us were still in pajamas. I was wearing my chacos and one of Cory's jackets and Isaak wanted to bring all of his blankets. Thankfully for some weird reason I threw his tennis shoes into the diaper ba…

It's slipping

Not only have I lost my waistline, but my mind is slipping too. I thought people always used pregnancy as the worst excuse ever, but I'm starting to think there may be something to the whole idea. Maybe my body is working so hard on keeping the baby happy that it forgets other things. I've forgotten so many things lately that I never have before. I teach two NIA classes on Mondays. There is only a half an hour inbetween the classes so I have to hustle to make it from one to the other. I get to my second class and I left my Ipod at the first class. I don't have any time to go back for it. I didn't have any CD's in my car besides children's favorite singalong songs. That wouldn't work, so instead I borrowed some CD's from the ladies in my class and some from the center. I made up an entire routine. Thank goodness they had some Dean Martin so I was at least familiar with the music some of the other tracks were crazy because I wasn't sure what the music…

My Lovely Baby Bump

My Mom was nice enough to come down and take some awesome pictures of me and my lovely baby bump along with my two favorite guys ever. I love how they turned out! I think I'm about 34 weeks in the pics, but I haven't gotten more than a few centimeters larger--as of yet! I will post a few and then I might post some more as I get them more arranged, but I love them!!!! I know my bump isn't in all of them, but Isaak wasn't the most cooperative guy ever that night. He wanted to run around and play, but alas my Mom worked some magic and caught some great pics of him.

so there you have them!

I know, I know....

I know, I know it seems like all we ever do is go hiking and I have tons of pages of us hiking to prove it, but I adore it. I love to smell the trees and the lovely canyon air. Isaak loves to roam and explore. It just doesn't get any better. Plus it relieves tons of stress for me. It's kind of like my beach in Utah. Since we don't have an ocean the mountains are the next best thing. I wanted to post the picture because I love the picture of Riley, Cory and Isaak. I can't believe I caught the perfect moment. It makes me happy every time I look at the picture.

Bitter and Sweet

The sweet is that Isaak is potty trained. He is a full fledged toilet pee machine. He's amazing. I'm amazed at how good at it he has become in the last few weeks. He even comes in from playing to pee. It makes me happy. He also goes through the night and will yell out, "Daddy, pee, pee," if he has to pee during the night or early morning. I was so worried he wouldn't go back to sleep, but he does. It seems miraculous, but I'm so happy to be done with diapers. I didn't realize how tired of them I was. I'm so glad that I don't have to wipe a poopy bum, but the bitter is that I will soon be wiping another poopy bum. Sigh. At least they are breastfeeding poop, which isn't super stinky or as gross as toddler poop.

The sweet is that Isaak has transitioned to a bed. A real Bed. We bought one at Ikea. We went all out on the mattress that had natural fibers, wool as a flame retardant instead of chemicals and some other features that will be better for h…


So the day isn't so far away that I'm going to be having this baby. I think the second pregnancy must be faster than the first one. I feel like I just found out I was pregnant. My skin seems to be getting mighty stretched out by my belly button though, which has become half innie and half outie since Isaak. It's my proud to be a mommy crazy lopsided belly button. I only wonder if this time it will become a complete outie. Cory calls it my turkey timer. It's almost completely flat, so It's getting near time, which is actually the opposite of a turkey timer, but you get the idea right?

I have decided to use natural birth again. And this may surprise you, but I'm super excited. We hired a doula and she came over yesterday to go through some things and I'm really excited to see how this birth goes and hope that with my knowledge of what happened last time that I'll be more prepared. We plan on using hypnobirthing techniques along with some stuff from NIA, ma…

That Face!!!!

We had just finished hiking on a dreadfully hot day when we all tried to squish into the only spot in the meadow with a little bit of shade. Isaak curled up in Cory's lap and just laid down while we ate our snacks. I just love this shot of him. I also love that whenever we go hiking at some point he sits down on the side of the trail and says, "Snack time!" He knows we always have a little something something to eat. In fact one time I brought a huge bowl of grapes and I handed them to him and wasn't really paying attention. A few minutes later he said, "All done," and gave me back the empty bowl. We left soon after that because it was the only snack I had brought for the both of us and I was ravenous after hiking. We've had an awesome summer, but I can start to feel fall in the air. It's amazing that Utah always seems to realize when fall comes, but has forgotten that warmer weather is supposed to start in March and April not July. Crazy Utah. May…

Catch up

I am a page away from finishing our California Trip. I'm so excited. I thought I would never finish and at times as I would scroll through the three hundred pictures my mind would quickly start to feel overwhelmed and I would keep telling myself. It's okay Sadie you can only do one page at a time-just focus on a moment at a time. Finally I was scrolling through and realized that I had done all the pictures. I did it. I feel pretty awesome. The last page is an easy four picture page for which I already have the layout envisioned in my head, so if tonight after I finish shredding and slicing zucchini for our food storage then, only then will I be able to finish the page. Boring talk that I've just given you. I'm happily nesting away here in my house with the bright beautiful sunshine on a perfect fall day. Isaak and I bottled some tomatoes earlier today. Our food storage is really benefiting from this nesting behavior of mine. Isaak helped me skin the tomatoes and no I d…

The woos and woes of Potty Training

I had so many people tell me that you could potty train a child in one day. Do you know what I have to say to that--you have got to be kidding me--how in the world? Each kid is different--I know. We've been peeing in the potty for about two weeks now. I can't believe it. We haven't had to buy diapers which is glorious even though we usually order from and they get delivered right to the door step.

I have noticed that I've posted about poop a lot. I don't know why we find it so interesting here, but we do. I've had more experience with poop than I've ever wanted in the last couple of weeks. Isaak calls poop--"THE BIG ONE" and even sometimes refers to it as pee. He had the hardest time learning how to poop in the toilet-it took over a week to accomplish that task. I've had a couple of funny experiences--one being this morning. Isaak woke up yelling--Mommy! mommy! It's coming! it's coming! I groggily rolled out of bed at like …

Better Relationships

Last week Cory and I had an awesome opportunity to attend some classes at BYU Education Week. Cory's parents were gracious enough to watch our little bug-a-boo. Aka fireball. I don't know how it's possible, but I swear that I fall more and more in love with him every single day. I can't even think about him going away to kindergarten right now, but we have time right? I'm getting side tracked.

We took two classes. We did some dance classes and you may be surprised to know that our best dance was the foxtrot. Our worst was the tango. It seemed to complicated and our timing was always off, but it was one of my favorite dances. I was excited for the Cha Cha, but in the end it ended up being my least favorite even underneath the two step dance we learned, which was actually pretty blasted fun. Cory felt most comfortable with that dance because he had learned it before.

The other class we took was called Building Better Relationships. The class was about strengthening …

Les Miserables

I finally did it. I read the entire book and I'm in love with Victor Hugo. Well not literally. I don't even know what he looks like, but the book is brilliant. I don't know why I was never able to finish it before because I could barely put it down the last month. It's a long book and it felt good to actually read a book for so long. My favorite parts about the book was getting to know the characters--the good and the bad. You were more exposed to them and sometimes they drove me nuts with being so silly!! And other times I adored them. How Victor sets up a scene is pretty impressive how clearly he can see it in his mind. So that's that.

I also recently started reading a book called The Anatomy of Peace. It's about being at peace in your heart all the time. I love it. I'm close to being finished already and hope it helps change my life. That's what I'm hoping for anyway.

I'm also pretty pregnant. I'm really starting to feel it now. I have to…

I am a MOM

Wow! What a week and it's only Wednesday. I worked about 21 hours between Monday and Tuesday. I'm amazed at woman that work full time--it must be so hard. I feel like the house is this living breathing entity that constantly needs something done. And if the house doesn't need something done, then I surely need to make dinner or work on some project that I started. The weirdest part about working so much was not seeing Isaak. He was in excellent hands with his Grandma and Grandpa and I know he had tons of fun, but I barely saw him.

Some days as a Mom can be monotonous and some days Isaak can about make me crazy! Some days I don't feel like fixing dinner and some days I'm just a little bored, but most days are pretty great. I get to spend time with Isaak reading, hiking, swimming, swinging, or just running around the yard. I get to watch him and help him with his behavior. I get to help him take naps and then I get the bonus of having down time!!! I love my afternoons…

Guess what???

I'm pregnant. I'm about 5 1/2 months along, which means we know that we are having a little girl!!! I was so surprised when we had the ultrasound that I kept asking--really? I couldn't believe it--I've gotten a few gifts with pink clothes and it seems so weird to have pink when I'm used to dirt, cars, crash, and blue. I had morning sickness worse this time than last time, but it wasn't terrible. I was nauseous, but never ended up vomiting. I had to constantly be eating even though nothing sounded good. Last time I craved meat. Hamburgers, steaks and more hamburgers, but this time I crave vegetables, fruits and berries. Well and vanilla bean ice cream. I don't know what it is and I usually prefer chocolate, but that vanilla ice cream hits the spot every single time. We are due October 30th--I'm excited.

Isaak likes to cuddle the baby and has expressed an interest in me actually having a puppy. I'm not sure he has any idea what having a baby means, bu…

I have never

I have gone many places and forgotten my cell phone, I've forgotten my purse, my wallet, my debit card, my chap stick, an extra snack, my ipod, my ipod charger (which makes it difficult for an aerobic instructor to not have her music), my water bottle, my homework, my book, and a myriad of other things that you need on vacation or just every single day. All things that you can generally manage without or make do. They were hosting a special event by our house with horse rides, fishing, a petting zoo, and tons of games for little kids. I know that it gets busy really fast and that Isaak doesn't like to wait in lines, so I was rushing to get us there at 9am when it opened. I tried to coax Isaak out of his pajamas. He has this Lightening McQueen pajamas that we just bought and he hates to take them off. It took some time and a lot of effort to get him out of those pajamas and then a whole other round to get him to put his shoes on and then I was out the door. Yay! We were going t…

Hikin it up

I love summer. I'm in love with the sun. I haven't been happier all year. Well maybe the time that Cory and I went snowboarding or maybe some funny moments, but I love warm summer nights, watching fireworks, sweating, looking for shade, swimming, hiking and just being outside. Isaak loves it too. We have been having a lot of fun. He's been quite tuckered out. One of my favorite days was when we decided to hike Ensign Peak. My brother was supposed to come, but has terrible allergies and could barley open his eyes to come. Poor Guy! So Isaak and I embarked on our trip solo. Don't worry there are tons of people that hike Ensign Peak daily. It was safe. It was also the perfect day to do it. The sun was shining, but it wasn't a lick over 75degrees and since there is no shade that makes it perfect.Isaak saying, "Cheese!" He loved climbing up the stairs and didn't want any help from me in any way. He made it about 3/4's the way up running and climbing. I…

The Knutsen Family Circus

We were in church on Sunday and the first meeting was almost over. We only had ten minutes left and I had to pee so bad! I kept telling myself I could make it, but I after two more minutes I knew I wasn't going to make it. I snuck out and then I snuck back in. I was quick. As soon as I came in Isaak turned to me and yelled, "Mommy make a poopy!" Yep he yelled it! I said, "Does Isaak need to make a poopy? Is that what you are saying?" He yelled again, "Mommy go pooh." I was definitely blushing when he said it the second time and a few people around us were laughing. Silly boy!

Then tonight we went to the park and were trying to play Frisbee golf with Isaak which isn't very effective. He likes to randomly throw the Frisbee wherever, but we had fun. At one point he threw the Frisbee in the bush and kept saying over and over again, "oh crap, oh crap, oh crap." I don't say oh crap--I say oh shoot and Cory swears that he doesn't say oh …


Asthma. What in the world am I doing? I have no idea. You would think it would be obvious, but it isn't. I don't like it. I barely know exactly what it is. I thought attacks were quick and easily fixed, but it can take Isaak about three weeks to fully recover from attack. Three weeks, not a quick puff on an inhaler like I thought it was. If he has an attack I need to give him albuterol every four hours for several days or until I think the attack is over. I still am not exactly sure how to tell. It all seems so vague and frustrating, especially with a toddler because I can't really have a conversation with him.

I think maybe I was secretly hoping that he wouldn't have another attack for a long time, but alas it happened. So mostly I feel completely inadequate frustrated and unsure. I wish there was some kind of test to see where he's at and exactly how much more I need to do, but there are no guidelines. I guess I'll just feel completely inadequate until I get i…

Oopsie Poopsie

Isaak woke up from his nap soaking wet! Soaking! I changed his diaper immediately and I reached over to our diaper basket and it was empty. I hate having to go into the backroom and get new diapers because I seem to always be freezing and its cold in that room. Isaak pulled his little pants back up and I told him. If you have to pee or poopy let me know. He said, "okay mommy." I start heading to the backroom to get a package of diapers and the phone rings. I start talking, then I realize that it's already 5:30 and I need to hurry and finish dinner up. Isaak decides he wants to play upstairs.

All is coming together perfectly. Cory gets home right on time and we have dinner together. After dinner Isaak begs Cory to take him outside to swing. Cory relents, but not even five minutes later he comes back in yelling, "I'm going to need some help in here! HELP please!" Then it dawns on me--oops. I forgot to get the diapers from the backroom. Isaak pooped his pants l…

Random tidbits of things I have come to love

The number one favorite on my list


You might ask why cornstarch is number one. Isaak was put on steroids just over a week ago and boy did they not agree with his system. He got the worse diaper rash that I've ever seen. He had little open sores. He screamed loud enough that the neighbors a few houses away could hear him. We had been using a couple different diaper ointments, but he said that he hurt when we put them on. Cory's sister suggested cornstarch and guess what--it works like a charm. It worked faster than the diaper gunk(I have now started calling it gunk because I don't like it!) plus, plus--it didn't hurt to put on.

Your second question might be--why in the world did you put Isaak on steroids and to this I say--I just wanted him to bulk up a bit. He's a little scrawny. I'm kidding. He's been sick a lot and after we got the chest xray and some treatments our little Isaak was diagnosed with asthma. I struggled with this for several days.…


Don't worry I'm not talking about hemorrhoids. Isaak is on roids--steroids-prescribed by our good ole doctor. I can't wait until he's done because I don't know how much longer I can take a two year old that has discovered hitting that is super duper hyper and cranky pants!!!! Anyone who knows Isaak knows he has quite a bit of energy so double that and man do you have trouble. His cousin came over to play and he kept whacking the poor boy. By the end of the night I couldn't help but laugh when Isaak hit him. Maybe because I'm so tired of disciplining the kid because it's obviously not working--yet. Don't worry Cory was the good adult and kept a straight face. The first three days he was on steroids he didn't sleep too well. The end of the third day I kept thinking if I don't get some sleep I'm going to turn into Mrs Hyde. Thankfully the end of our sleepless nights ended that night. I slept straight through until five am. It was glorious. …

my achy breaky heart

We have welcomed the nebulizer back into our house. I don't know if I want to use the word welcome, but I'm grateful that our insurance paid for us to have it because it sure has come in handy. Isaak was supposed to have surgery today. Wow. But he's not. He still has some problems with his lungs. If younger children are put under Anesthesia when they have throat irritation and chest congestion it can or most likely will lead to respiratory failure and long sickness. I think it best to avoid such situations--I mean I like the kid. A lot.

I took him to the Doctor again today because his cough went from minor to terrible overnight. I'm glad I went. We ended up getting a chest xray because his infections have turned into acute problems. And now we are getting to the bottom of this! We have recently changed Isaak's diet to mostly vegetables, fruits, grains and some meat. We have tried to avoid sugar as much as possible. My favorite moment of today was when we went to Ro…


I want to say YES!! I'm so tired of saying no!!! I want to say to Isaak--why yes of course you can play with the knives! Yes go ahead and pull that cat's tail! Oh sure run away from me when I call you and definitely explore the neighborhood by yourself! You want to play in the road--why not? Go for it little guy! Go ahead and throw those wood chips all over the playground and while you are at it why don't you go pick up some rocks in the garden and throw those around! Please throw all the shoes in a huge muddy puddle outside, especially the kids that are jumping on the trampoline. I'm sure their mom will be excited about wet, muddy shoes just like I am! And while we are at the store how about you load our cart up with fruit snacks that have pictures of lightening mcqueen on them and then top it off with cookies and chocolate. Maybe we can just start pulling stuff off the shelves and leave it on the floor!

Of course I want to say Yes. But I can't. Why? Well seriousl…


I was feeling sad on Saturday. It was one of the last days a year ago that I saw my Grandpa alive. I was sad thinking about how it was our last good talk. We talked about how he loved to go to dances and woo the ladies. I think he might have been a bit of a ladies man back in the day. We talked about his favorite music and his favorite dances. We held hands. I helped him put on his chap stick. He like me was hopelessly addicted. I was telling Cory ab0ut all this and feeling sad, then Cory said, "Sadie those memories shouldn't make you sad. they should make you happy. I would give my left pinky toe to have had one last fishing trip with my grandpa."

At that moment I realized that I was blessed. God gave me so many memories. Memories bright and beautiful enough for me to make a quilt in my mind. I can pull them out at any time and smile. I can laugh and maybe even sometimes I can cry. I love thinking of all the quilts that I'm making now with Isaak and Cory. I love thin…


I caught Isaak's cold. Isaak has to have surgery in a couple of weeks. His Eustachian tubes aren't functioning properly and he still needs tubes. Too bad his first set fell out already. So in any case while he had his cold it was miserable. He wasn't sleeping at night because he was coughing, but on top of that his ears are full of pressure because of some vacuuming that is going on and he finally got an ear infection. He had puss coming out his ear. Gross and kind of neat in a way--at least it wasn't over pressurized in the left side. He seems to be doing better though his cough is hanging on and believe me that cough hangs on. I don't really start coughing until about 8pm and then I want to say, "Who let the dogs out?" because it becomes a coughing frenzy between Cory, Isaak and I. So anyway back to my story.

I have felt overwhelmed and incredibly tired at times. Yesterday I decided to make a zucchini cake for St Patrick's day with Zucchini being gre…

me Crazy family

I love, love, love, love, love, love spending time with family. I love eating together, playing cards together, trying to play catch phrase, playing twister(I actually prefer watching this one!) and just sitting around the table chatting about nothing, but everything. I love it. I just wanted to share with those crazy people I call family a couple of pages that I've done of our recent adventures.

my favorite face

I love this face.
I love when Isaak thinks that if he whines a little and give me pouty face that I will decide that its warm enough to take his hat off. He's lucky that spring seems to have finally come. He'll be able to put away hat face for a season, but he doesn't escape the hat because I bought it a size too big and can't wait for him to wear it again next year.
Proof that he didn't pout the entire time. Also proving that I don't always give in and he's not the boss. But sometimes he wins and I give in, but not all the time and doesn't he look cute in that hat? these pictures were taken on my awesome birthday. It was the best sledding we did all year.

Why is it that........

Why is it that Isaak loves Tofu, but scoffs at applesauce. I've tried giving him applesauce many different times and each time he spits it out and yells yucky, but when I made tofu the other day he was eating it right out of the little plastic container and said, "yummy." Why is it that he hates chicken nuggets and refuses to eat them by turning his face away and saying--no, but will easily share my sushi with me! What's wrong with this boy! What have we done! In all regards I'm kidding because I love it--all except for the applesauce thing. We bottled a ton of it and he's not even the least bit interested.

And why is it that I can never keep his clothes organized I feel like he's constantly growing out of things and into things and I always have some random bag of clothes that I'm not sure where to put. He wears a 2t top, but only an 18 mo bottom. Phew. I thought I had it all sorted out then I noticed today that his pants are starting to get short.



I hate this machine. This so called Nebulizer. Isaak hates it even more. I took some pictures of him getting his treatment and had to erase them because they are so sad. Isaak was super duper hyper sick. He woke up on Thursday morning and seemed fine, but by noon he started going downhill. He kept coughing and coughing and coughing and coughing and coughing. Seriously-he'd cough until he puked. We got an appt with our doctor because he's awesome and their office has late night hours. Cory and I thought we might be overreacting, but not so much. The Doctor diagnosed Isaak with Pneumonia. Yuck. I had pneumonia when I was younger and had to be hospitalized. Isaak didn't. Phew. We got an albuterol treatment that night and Isaak slept pretty well that night, but we had to go in the next morning to check on him. He was still sick and had difficulty breathing, so he got another shot, but alas we didn't ask for the albuterol because we thought it didn't help. We were wrong…

My Baby is cute

Okay so technically he's not a baby anymore. He's had his birthday and has moved over on to being a toddler. But I still find him to be enticingly adorable. We recently got his haircut which was so sad. He lost all of his blond hair. I have plans to spend huge amounts of time outside so that it will lighten back up. Or so I hope. It did help tame his swirly twirly cowlick. I love that I'm not always trying to get it to lay down nicely!I tried to pick a few favorites, but I couldn't so I had to use all of them. I think my favorite one is when he's throwing his head back and laughing. He has recently started doing that. I don't do it and Cory doesn't do it, so i think he must have learned it from Cruella Deville. He loves that show and calls it Puppies. So maybe it's his evil laughter, but in any case it's cute.

PS--Dear Winter--I'm done with the cold. Dear Spring--Please some soon!!!!!!!