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Buttering me up

Cory called in sick to church on Sunday. Isaak and I packed off and went solo. Sacrament was actually awesome. He sat still-well kind of still. He didn't scream and we almost made it through the entire meeting. We headed for the hallway with only five minutes to spare. Smashing success. I went to drop Isaak off at Nursery, but he didn't want to stay. I left then they asked me to come back. He watched me like a hawk. I had to teach the last hour of church and I didn't want to have to take Isaak with me, so I was trying to decide if I should drop him back off at home or try to leave him in nursery. The nursery worker turned to Isaak and asked, "What do you want to play with?" He cuddled into me and said, "Mommy." I might have melted just a little bit. He must have been trying to butter me up for later when he was super ornery.

Nice Shoes

The other day we were getting ready to head out and Isaak didn't want to wear the shoes I had, so I asked him what he wanted to wear. He picked out those beauties above. He wanted one Lightening McQueen and one dress shoe. We had a Christmas Party on Saturday-We were part of the nativity so we were all dressed up and Isaak got to wear his sandals. You better bet he's been asking to wear them everyday. I haven't given in yet--because it's cold! BRRRRRR! It's been a crazy change. He refused to go to Nursery and he'd cry and cry, then about three weeks ago he went and now he goes without a problem--three weeks in a row. Wow. We went to a dinner last night just him and I and usually he won't go anywhere without me and wants me to play with him, but last night he went right downstairs with the other kids and watched TV and played. Wow. I love independence. It's just weird how it seems to have happened overnight. The other things he is independent about: 1. …

Mommy!!! Help Please!

Isaak loves bath time. Every night after we eat dinner he grabs my hand and starts yelling, "Tub, Mommy! Tub, Mommy!" We divert to his toy room to get his toys. I start to fill up the tub with water as he dumps his toys in. He likes to stay in the tub about 45 minutes. I know it's a long time, but he loves it. I play with him at the beginning then he starts to play with his boats and stuff on his own and I read a book sitting next to the tub on the floor. Can you imagine it? I usually use the side of the tub as an arm rest. I'm reading and Isaak is splashing around like a little duck and then I can feel him put something in my hand, but I'm almost finished with the chapter, so I'm not really hearing what he says. I notice the texture of what he put in my hand is a little weird. It's kind of squishy and wet--then it registers what he's saying, "Stinky, Mommy, Stinky!" I looked at my hand and a scream erupted. I jumped up and threw. I had poop…