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The Dirty Dozen

People are often asking me what food they should eat organic and which ones don't matter. I learned about the dirty dozen last summer from Gina. So I've done some research on the foods and have found out which chemicals are found on the foods and why you should buy them organic. I was kind of shocked to find out more about it. I have read a few books and tons of articles, but this is what I found. I've been buying all these items organic. Also on a side note I've been using oils and they recently did a study about the toxins in our body and they were testing fruit and they sliced open a grape and a small itty bitty little grape contained over 9 toxins including pesticides and insecticides. Kind of gross. So alas the list....

1. Apples-Diphenylamine, thiabendazole, and azinphos methyl--instead try kiwis, oranges, watermelon and tangerines, bananas
2. Imported Grapes-Captan, Iprodione, and Dimethoate--instead make sure they are US grown
3. Peaches-Iprodione, Phosmet, and…


Phrases that Chloe has already heard this morning and it's only 835am. Ahhhhh-no you can't play with the plugs and the sockets! Wait no-you can't climb the stairs without supervision and ps since when do you think you're old enough to climb the stairs? Please Don't put your mouth on the cable socket on the wall you could get hurt! And lastly hmm little Leona I think it's time for a nap! Now sleeping baby! Ahhhhh. I can relax a little! These two kids are keeping me on my toes-or just giving me more gray hair quicker.

Too Many CLOTHES!!!

I feel like our clothes are growing. I don't know how they do it, but the laundry seems to never be done or never completely folded. Or the kids are constantly outgrowing things and I have boxes full of clothes to be stored and they seem to be piling up. How could we possibly have so many clothes!!!!?? I swear that I just cleaned out drawers a few weeks ago--well I did, but I have more stuff to clean out of both of their dressers. But I have a new favorite treat. It beacons me and helps me get through folding laundry so I can go sneak a bit as my reward. I love brownies. I adore brownies. I crave their ooey gooey goodness, but we've been trying to cut back on sugars and unhealthy treats and I came across a recipe for raw brownies. It's simple, fast and easy.
1 cup Dates 1 cup Pecans unsweetened cocoa powder to your taste I'm drooling just thinking about it. I actually like to add more pecans than dates. It's my preference. You can either eat the deliciousness right…

Rock that BABY!!

On Mothers Day we had speakers in church that talked about Moms. Usually it's customary to have a man talk about his mom, but this year they had some mom's talk. I kind of liked it. They know what I do everyday. They know I love it and that I get over stressed about it and sometimes think how in the world or what am I doing!!! One of the speakers wanted to send a message to different types of Moms. The message for me was the message for new Mom's. I'm not a super new Mom, I mean I'm on my second right? But I do have a beautiful little lady that is going to to 7 months soon. I can't believe it. So in any case I feel new and I'm always asking Mom's of older children what would you do differently? What would you do more of? What worked? So anyway I'm getting overzealous and over sharing, but the message to new Mom's was--Rock that Baby as much as you can. She said, "I just recently sent my son to the Missionary training center to serve a missi…

getting bloggy with it

I haven't read blogs and I surely haven't given mine a moments thought besides posting pictures and writing blog entries in my head through out the day and unfortunately none of them have actually made their way to type. But we've run into some computer issues and I can't access my journal-it's been about 4 months so I just stopped writing cold turkey and I'm kind of sad about it because I had been writing consistently for about two years. People always say that  blog is a journal which it is, but I write more in my journal than I ever would on a blog. I'm on fire about several topics right now. 1. Food-what we eat and what's in it. I've been reading articles, researching, experimenting and asking around. I've come to the conclusion that we need to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, seeds and nuts, oils, whole grains and minimize sugars, processed and refined foods, and red meat. Did you know that red meat actually acts as an inflammatory? As w…