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Summer Lovin'

I'm in love with Summer! I love being in the sun. I love hiking in the mountains and smelling the trees and feeling the soft dirt on the ground. I love getting all sticky and sweaty and walking into a cold house. I love leaving the windows open at night so a slight breeze can sneak in and keep my house cold. I love swimming and even more so I love to watch Isaak try and swim. We went swimming a couple times this week and most recently we went to a pool with a 2feet deep area and Isaak loved it. He refused any help and wanted to wade around. He went as far as picking up the rope in the pool and walking right underneath it. He was thinking that he could walk the entire pool I suppose. I wish I would have brought the camera, but sometimes I get lazy and kind of sick of worrying if it will get wet and even having to try and capture moments instead of simply enjoying them sometimes. I posted a couple pictures of our recent adventures where I actually took pictures. In Random order sinc…

Oldies, but Goodies


For the first time in twenty years I tucked my shirt into my skirt. I know this might not be huge record breaking news, but it's the first time that I've done it since 1980's. I held out-I backed off-I was a little chicken, but yesterday with my new stylin' pencil skirt and my old purple button up that I bought in France(don't worry it's still stylish) I did some mighty tucking. I liked it. I hope I pulled it off. Cory took a picture, but the lighting was terrible. My finger had a Knee-Jerk (maybe I should say knuckle) and I deleted that picture mighty fast. I tried to take one by myself, but well it didn't turn out so well. So I deleted that one too. I love digital cameras. I wish I would have had one on my mission. Can you believe just ten years ago we didn't really have digital cameras? I had a point and shoot that groaned everytime I took a picture. I actually just finished developing all the film from that old camera.
Our life has been full of excit…