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The Monkey Mobile

I've been thinking about getting one of those bike mobiles that you can attach to the back of your bike to haul Isaak around on. We were visiting Cory's sister Heather and she has one so we thought we'd try it out...At the beginning, he was thinking that it was pretty cool. He was smiling and talking away...Then he realized he was trapped!!!! He fought, pushed, and shoved trying to escape. He became distraught. Crying and whining trying to tell us that he needed help to get out!Isaak falling as he tries to free worries...he was safe. I was right there taking pics His face of joy as we unzipped the top to free him from his netty prison. We decided not to get one for obvious reasons......

This picture has nothing to do with the Monkey mobile, but I love his eyes!!! so pretty--we love to go on walks so we bundle him all up in the stroller so he stays nice and toasty.

October Woes

Finally-Finally-Finally!!! I broke out my roller blades. After my fall I've been afraid to try again, but today was so nice I went for it. I must admit that when I was heading towards a hill I took one of my blades off and solo bladed it. I probably looked hilarious. Actually I know I did because a couple of kids were watching me like I'd blown a brain gasket. I have been thinking about October. I've been itching, itching, itching for a VACATION!! I love vacation--I've even convinced myself that I need a vacation. Because of my job I've taken vacations every few months because you need it in my field. I promise--you have to get away. So I was reminiscing--last year at this time we were in Nashville, Tennessee. I love Tennessee. I thought it was going to be some country crazy town, but it was a hip, urban place. I miss sweet potato casserole, green beans, fried chicken, pie, and people calling me sweetie pie. It just makes you feel good. Doesn't that food look D…

My Cutie Patootie

I used to be able to get him to smile easy as can be, but Tina had to play peekaboo while I maned the camera. Apparently I'm not as interesting or funny as I used to be.

I'm so sad you can't see his little teeth. I love this picture because you can see his two cute little teeth coming in on the bottom.
Close up.
Isaak and Me. I'm wearing my favorite yellow chinese coat.

a super cool aerial shot. Well I like it....

He kept pounding on the pumpkin. I think he liked the noise that it made.

See that face??? I told you he was enjoying the pumpkin pounding. I think he also liked watching Tina and Alicherie.
We went to take some pictures of little Isaak. I tried to cut back which pictures I was going to post, but he's such a cutie. It was really fun even though it was super chilly outside. I need to get this boy some socks. I can hear the Mom's I pass in my head that boy seriously not wearing socks? Where are his shoes? Is that seriously sweet potato a…


I went walking with Cory and Isaak yesterday. Then before I knew it I was skipping. I like skipping. It's fun to skip. I even skipped a little today. I might even skip later.