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Isn't that nice?

1. I was shopping at the grocery store the other night because I wanted some white beans and they were on sale. Why white beans? First of all, I love Pasta E Faglioli and Second, Vegetarian Chili, and Third I don't have any more recipes so if you have any let me know. I got to the appointed aisle and there were no white beans. I was disappointed and debated if I wanted to go and ask for a rain check, then.....Another guy on the aisle shopping with his little guy--noticed me going through all the cans checking behind other cans and he asked me if I was looking for white beans. I said yes and then he gave me four cans out of his cart. He said we have plenty you can have some of ours. I couldn't believe it. It was so NICE! It made me want to be more nice. I really think we sometimes forget that we are all people and we are all in this together, but it made my day.
2. The next morning I am at my Yoga class. The people in the class are really nice and chatty, so after we were talkin…

Laundry Time

I want to know why in Utah if you put your blinker on people think that it means to speed up. Here I am thinking that it means that we are supposed to be ready for someone to come over into the lane. I am fully aware that it's not "my" lane and we are all entitled to ride in the lane to get to where we are needing to go. I often wonder why when I put my blinker on people don't eagerly welcome me to the lane and happily let me in. I'm talking about times when there is no traffic-yes-people still speed up and act like they are all put out that you might need to turn left instead of right. I guess what I'm trying to say is I wish we were all just a little nicer and realized everybody needs to get somewhere sometime and we might as well help each other do it. Phew...that's that. I will step off of my soap box.
Isaak has been sick this week. He has been a miserable little camper. He had a fever for about four days. Finally it has passed--hiphiphooray for antibi…