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Don't worry I'm not talking about hemorrhoids. Isaak is on roids--steroids-prescribed by our good ole doctor. I can't wait until he's done because I don't know how much longer I can take a two year old that has discovered hitting that is super duper hyper and cranky pants!!!! Anyone who knows Isaak knows he has quite a bit of energy so double that and man do you have trouble. His cousin came over to play and he kept whacking the poor boy. By the end of the night I couldn't help but laugh when Isaak hit him. Maybe because I'm so tired of disciplining the kid because it's obviously not working--yet. Don't worry Cory was the good adult and kept a straight face. The first three days he was on steroids he didn't sleep too well. The end of the third day I kept thinking if I don't get some sleep I'm going to turn into Mrs Hyde. Thankfully the end of our sleepless nights ended that night. I slept straight through until five am. It was glorious. …

my achy breaky heart

We have welcomed the nebulizer back into our house. I don't know if I want to use the word welcome, but I'm grateful that our insurance paid for us to have it because it sure has come in handy. Isaak was supposed to have surgery today. Wow. But he's not. He still has some problems with his lungs. If younger children are put under Anesthesia when they have throat irritation and chest congestion it can or most likely will lead to respiratory failure and long sickness. I think it best to avoid such situations--I mean I like the kid. A lot.

I took him to the Doctor again today because his cough went from minor to terrible overnight. I'm glad I went. We ended up getting a chest xray because his infections have turned into acute problems. And now we are getting to the bottom of this! We have recently changed Isaak's diet to mostly vegetables, fruits, grains and some meat. We have tried to avoid sugar as much as possible. My favorite moment of today was when we went to Ro…


I want to say YES!! I'm so tired of saying no!!! I want to say to Isaak--why yes of course you can play with the knives! Yes go ahead and pull that cat's tail! Oh sure run away from me when I call you and definitely explore the neighborhood by yourself! You want to play in the road--why not? Go for it little guy! Go ahead and throw those wood chips all over the playground and while you are at it why don't you go pick up some rocks in the garden and throw those around! Please throw all the shoes in a huge muddy puddle outside, especially the kids that are jumping on the trampoline. I'm sure their mom will be excited about wet, muddy shoes just like I am! And while we are at the store how about you load our cart up with fruit snacks that have pictures of lightening mcqueen on them and then top it off with cookies and chocolate. Maybe we can just start pulling stuff off the shelves and leave it on the floor!

Of course I want to say Yes. But I can't. Why? Well seriousl…


I was feeling sad on Saturday. It was one of the last days a year ago that I saw my Grandpa alive. I was sad thinking about how it was our last good talk. We talked about how he loved to go to dances and woo the ladies. I think he might have been a bit of a ladies man back in the day. We talked about his favorite music and his favorite dances. We held hands. I helped him put on his chap stick. He like me was hopelessly addicted. I was telling Cory ab0ut all this and feeling sad, then Cory said, "Sadie those memories shouldn't make you sad. they should make you happy. I would give my left pinky toe to have had one last fishing trip with my grandpa."

At that moment I realized that I was blessed. God gave me so many memories. Memories bright and beautiful enough for me to make a quilt in my mind. I can pull them out at any time and smile. I can laugh and maybe even sometimes I can cry. I love thinking of all the quilts that I'm making now with Isaak and Cory. I love thin…