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Is there a mouse in your house?????

We don't have a mouse in our house, BUT we have one in our CAR!!! EWWW! Gross! I usually never drive Cory's car because well it's beat to death. I officially awarded his car this morning as the Ghetto-est car I've ever seen. It's been stolen, crashed in a high speed chase--and it looks it--really and now it is home to our little friends the mice. I wanted to go to a Zumba class and my car was out of gas, so I took Cory's. I was happily driving along when I decided to put my wallet in the glove compartment. I shrieked as I opened it because this is what I found.........A mice lair in the glove compartment. I started freaking out as any normal person would who realizes that they are sharing their car with a mouse that could dart out at any second and cause a horrendous accident. I think it might be worse than having a bee in the car. I start looking around for other evidences of mice and there is mice poop all over the front of the car. I really start shrieking b…


I'm happily brushing my teeth in the bathroom. I'm looking around wondering what else I could be doing while I'm brushing my teeth and I started to think to myself, hmmmm, I wonder what's in toothpaste? I picked up the tube with my free hand and continued brushing. As I was reading the back I noticed a WaRnINg: Do not use for more than four weeks at a time. What? Do not use for more than four weeks? I anticipated reading if you swallow more than what you are brushing your teeth with call poison control. I try to start adding up how long I've been using this toothpaste. Cory didn't like it, so I've been using it solo and it has surely been more than four weeks. Now I don't know what to do with it--do I take a break and come back to it or do I just keep using it? I mean it's been about three months and I still have quite a bit left and nothing seems out of the ordinary yet...But seriously I think that the warning on the toothpaste should at least bee…

My Halloween Treat

Isn't he cute?? My little guy was all dressed up as a ferocious dragon. He looks fearsome right?
He was mostly only fearsome when we were trying to get the costume on and he cried huge dragon tears--haha!!! He got to wear his costume two days in a row. We had a church halloween party and we got to go on a hayride, which was pretty awesome. We've had a crazy week. Cory got the dreaded swine flu. He slept the week away from Sunday right until Thursday. The poor little sickie. I became queen of the Lysol disinfectant spray. I sprayed doorknobs, countertops, blankets, faucets, lightswitches, floors, pillows, and then I did it all again everyday to protect Isaak and I from the H1N1virus. We seemed to succeed this time neither Isaak or I have gotten the flu. So now we are trying to get outside and enjoy this weather as much as possible. I learned something cool in church today. Someone said, "It's in the mundane things that you do that the biggest battles are won." It&…