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That silly boy loves flowers

I was chatting away on the phone when Isaak came running up to me yelling Mommy-Mommy. He laughed and ran off again. Cory was cleaning the bathroom and decided to put some of my headbands on Isaaks head--well Isaak rearranged them and slipped one into his mouth. He ran around with the headbands on for about twenty minutes. (Tina this is why I started laughing uncontrollably and could barely talk!)

I guess I'll tell the story backwards since my pictures are uploaded backwards and I'm too lazy to try and fix them. We went hiking in AF canyon about a week ago and the wildflowers were amazing! We hiked this little trail along the creek and ended up in a meadow. I promise at one point Isaak was wearing clothes, but that was before we decided to eat our snacks. I don't know what in the world we were thinking about bringing cherries, but we did. Isaak was wearing a yellow polo shirt, so we quickly derobed the little lad so he could enjoy cherries. He was dripping in juice so I got…