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a picture is worth a ton of words.

Cutest outfit ever-thanks Gina.
Isaak having a chocolate covered marshmallow after asking Santa Claus for cars for Christmas.
the boys playing caterpiter as Isaak calls it in the sleeping bag.
Chloe in her blessing dress at the beginning of december.
I have no time, but here are a couple pictures of Isaak and Chloe from December.

Trudging along

I think going from one to two kids is so much easier than when you have your first. I don't know if it's the idea that you are already in family mode or that you are more prepared to have your world turned upside down. I'm tired often, but I try to nap in the afternoons when I can. I don't seem to have much solo time because I've either got Isaak or Chloe with me. Chloe aka the cuddlebug loves to be held all the time. Chloe takes a nap about 5 to ten minutes before Isaak wakes up from his. But at least I have a few minutes right? She's sleeping now and Isaak is wreaking havoc with his best buddy Jayda. They really are wreaking havoc--How can kids make messes so fast? I'm amazed. I need to work on my mess making skills because they put me to shame unless you count cooking for dinner. I can mess up a kitchen, but i hate to clean it up. I'm happy to have two kids and my recent dilemma is when to have what kid wait. I want to make both Isaak and Chloe happy,…