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Lessons learned from grief

Yesterday was my Grandpa's birthday. He died almost a year ago. I still can't believe that much time has passed. I hate it because it makes me feel sad that he doesn't get to see Isaak grow and laugh with us about what he's doing. I'm more sad that Isaak won't know him or how much my Grandpa loved him or me for that matter. One thing I'll never doubt is how much my Grandpa loved me. Since it was his birthday I thought about him a lot. I might have cried a couple times because sometimes missing him feels so much more real. When I would go over to my grandparents house I would start talking and I love to talk. My Grandpa would always say, "Slow down young lady--my ears are old." I miss hearing him say that.
I've been reflecting on what I learned from this experience and I've learned a lot. It's truly changed me as a person. Last April my Grandpa was in the hospital and at first he was so sick. He wasn't doing well and then it changed.…

Happy BDAY Lil One

So happy Birthday lil guy! I still can't believe you are so big. Last year I learned a ton about myself and about you. This year was a lot AWESOMER. Awesomer should be a word because I want next year to be even awesomer than this year. We have this book called the Happiest Mommy Ever and I can say that I'm the happiest mommy ever! I love being your Mom. You make me laugh, giggle, sigh, and sometimes growl. I love when you put your hand on my face to get my attention. I love when you tell me see ya later and put my yoga mat around your neck and pick up my keys. I love when you and Daddy play BOING on the bed--even though you kick me out every time. I'm obviously not as fun. I love that you keep me on my toes. I was getting ready the other morning and I kept hearing, "CRASH MOMMY!" You had somehow gotten your fire truck up on the coffee table and were driving it off the edge over and over again. I don't know how you escaped getting hurt. I'm beginning to t…

The New Year has started with a BANG!!

Wow. What a year already. I can't believe it's only the middle of January. Isaak's birthday is coming up and I didn't realize his birthday is on Sunday. Its only his second birthday and I'm already forgetting-it made me feel kind of bad. I haven't even ordered his presents off of amazon yet. I've almost completely converted to online shopping. We went to the mall a couple weeks ago to play at the playground and I realized I hadn't been to the mall in over a year. Weird. First of all I want to quote from the Book of Mormon. It's one of my favorite scriptures for many reasons. I learned to believe in miracles while I was on my mission in France. I learned that God always hears us even if it doesn't work out like we think and I learned that God speaks to me through sunsets. Whenever I feel like it seems too hard or the road is too bumpy-I'm prompted to go outside and the most beautiful transformation of color has transformed the sky.

Okay back t…

Christmas Traditions

I've been busting my fingers trying to get all my Christmas memories and photos bundled up and I've done it. I'm sharing them because I'm proud of my work and I love my Christmas Traditions even if we have a ton of them.

Bun and Wifey

Us aka the LOVE birds

Cory and I went on a little husband/wife trip in December. We kind of had a blast and we kind of missed Isaak. One time when I definitely didn't miss him was being able to walk into the lodge and not worry about him pulling the huge glass ornaments off the tree while we tried to play checkers. Cory let me win--It was actually my first time playing. Cory pointed out that I could take the game with a super play--taking out a few pieces with one move. My power play. The only other time I didn't miss him(Isaak) was while we were snowshoeing. We went on a super long hike just because we could. Our legs were so tired the next day. We also spent some time preparing for the olympics. I decided to try out for the bobsledding team and Cory recently has gotten into downhill skiing. We took a couple of pictures.Cory took a nasty fall. Poor guy. He must have hit his head pretty hard because he suggested we
rent Eclipse from the Redbox to watch that night. When it wasn&#…