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The woos and woes of Potty Training

I had so many people tell me that you could potty train a child in one day. Do you know what I have to say to that--you have got to be kidding me--how in the world? Each kid is different--I know. We've been peeing in the potty for about two weeks now. I can't believe it. We haven't had to buy diapers which is glorious even though we usually order from and they get delivered right to the door step.

I have noticed that I've posted about poop a lot. I don't know why we find it so interesting here, but we do. I've had more experience with poop than I've ever wanted in the last couple of weeks. Isaak calls poop--"THE BIG ONE" and even sometimes refers to it as pee. He had the hardest time learning how to poop in the toilet-it took over a week to accomplish that task. I've had a couple of funny experiences--one being this morning. Isaak woke up yelling--Mommy! mommy! It's coming! it's coming! I groggily rolled out of bed at like …

Better Relationships

Last week Cory and I had an awesome opportunity to attend some classes at BYU Education Week. Cory's parents were gracious enough to watch our little bug-a-boo. Aka fireball. I don't know how it's possible, but I swear that I fall more and more in love with him every single day. I can't even think about him going away to kindergarten right now, but we have time right? I'm getting side tracked.

We took two classes. We did some dance classes and you may be surprised to know that our best dance was the foxtrot. Our worst was the tango. It seemed to complicated and our timing was always off, but it was one of my favorite dances. I was excited for the Cha Cha, but in the end it ended up being my least favorite even underneath the two step dance we learned, which was actually pretty blasted fun. Cory felt most comfortable with that dance because he had learned it before.

The other class we took was called Building Better Relationships. The class was about strengthening …

Les Miserables

I finally did it. I read the entire book and I'm in love with Victor Hugo. Well not literally. I don't even know what he looks like, but the book is brilliant. I don't know why I was never able to finish it before because I could barely put it down the last month. It's a long book and it felt good to actually read a book for so long. My favorite parts about the book was getting to know the characters--the good and the bad. You were more exposed to them and sometimes they drove me nuts with being so silly!! And other times I adored them. How Victor sets up a scene is pretty impressive how clearly he can see it in his mind. So that's that.

I also recently started reading a book called The Anatomy of Peace. It's about being at peace in your heart all the time. I love it. I'm close to being finished already and hope it helps change my life. That's what I'm hoping for anyway.

I'm also pretty pregnant. I'm really starting to feel it now. I have to…