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For the LOVE!!

What a day we had. What a day we had. I get tired again just thinking about it. Cory's car is getting the muffler put back on. I'm a little sad about it because Isaak and I could hear his car coming from over a block away when he was on his way home, but it's also a little embarrassing how loud it is. I'm sure it defied all noise ordinances. In any case, Isaak and I have been getting up a little early to take Cory to work, which is kind of fun because we get to see him more, but before dinner it's not kind of fun. It's kind of stinky because it's a hustle to get everything all put together. Yesterday I had to make dinner at about 3pm so I could get everything in.
So back to yesterday. Isaak and I had just rolled our bushy little tails out of bed and both of us were still in pajamas. I was wearing my chacos and one of Cory's jackets and Isaak wanted to bring all of his blankets. Thankfully for some weird reason I threw his tennis shoes into the diaper ba…

It's slipping

Not only have I lost my waistline, but my mind is slipping too. I thought people always used pregnancy as the worst excuse ever, but I'm starting to think there may be something to the whole idea. Maybe my body is working so hard on keeping the baby happy that it forgets other things. I've forgotten so many things lately that I never have before. I teach two NIA classes on Mondays. There is only a half an hour inbetween the classes so I have to hustle to make it from one to the other. I get to my second class and I left my Ipod at the first class. I don't have any time to go back for it. I didn't have any CD's in my car besides children's favorite singalong songs. That wouldn't work, so instead I borrowed some CD's from the ladies in my class and some from the center. I made up an entire routine. Thank goodness they had some Dean Martin so I was at least familiar with the music some of the other tracks were crazy because I wasn't sure what the music…

My Lovely Baby Bump

My Mom was nice enough to come down and take some awesome pictures of me and my lovely baby bump along with my two favorite guys ever. I love how they turned out! I think I'm about 34 weeks in the pics, but I haven't gotten more than a few centimeters larger--as of yet! I will post a few and then I might post some more as I get them more arranged, but I love them!!!! I know my bump isn't in all of them, but Isaak wasn't the most cooperative guy ever that night. He wanted to run around and play, but alas my Mom worked some magic and caught some great pics of him.

so there you have them!