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Mellow Yellow

I know--its like I disappeared for a bit, but the weather is so nice and I spend as much time outside as I can. Isaak and Chloe never seem to nap at the same time, so I hardly have any freetime--until today. They have both been asleep for two hours and the things I have accomplished are quite a feat. But I just wanted to post Easter pictures because Isaak and Chloe-Leona have grown so much. We didn't mean to have a theme, but we ended up getting both of the little ones yellow outfits. By chance. Isaak picked out his outfit because i don't buy anything for him unless he's with me so I can convince him to wear it again. Cory and I both ended up with blue-but his blue and my blue are completely different.
I also want to say that sometimes I'm so amazed at what I believe. I love the Resurrection. I love knowing that Jesus overcame so that we can be made perfect and whole. I love the promise that we will be with our loved ones again. I love that I know that. It makes me so e…