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Taste buds

I've been musing over this for a few months. I only mention it because I think that I'm right.(insert giggle) As you know I had a baby about 21 months ago, so naturally I did a lot of reading about babies. Did you know that a baby has around 10,000 taste buds. 10,000!!!! They aren't even all on the tongue they have them on the sides of their mouth the rough and the back of the mouth. Just another interesting fact about babies-they can distinguish tastes in the amniotic fluid while they are in the womb. Pretty amazing! As they get older the taste buds disappear. I've been thinking about what we say about our taste becoming more sophisticated as we get older. I actually think that we aren't becoming better food tasters, but our taste buds are disappearing hence we are more likely to eat food that we didn't like the taste of before. So I might not even really like broccoli, but my taste buds are disappearing, so now I can tolerate it?


Isaak eating his dirt at his watering hole.

Boring? Maybe a little bit. But it's a post. I've been trying to be more diligent so it's worth your time and effort to type in your username and password. Plus it's colder outside, so I'm inside more and I don't have to water the tomatoes and flowers. It frees up tons of time. I just wanted you to know I had an awesome weekend. I went on a meditation retreat. It sounds relaxing right? Well it's surely deceiving because I was exhausted after about five hours of meditating. Did I mention that I was in silence for about 21hours? I did make a couple of mistakes, but overall I kind of liked being quiet for 21 hours, but I was sure ready to talk. If you are starting to think Woa--you're right I'm totally becoming a hippie. But it's awesome because the experience was amazing. I learned two important things-well maybe three. 1. Silence is kind of awesome. You learn the value of your speech and what an impact i…

I love this boy!!!

He is my favorite. I was going through all of our summer pictures trying to figure out what to do with them all and how to arrange them. I found this picture of him when he was practicing his survivorbaby skills. Our rock stairs have these deep divets where the sprinkler water gathers along with some mud that washes off of the retaining wall. Isaak must have been mighty thirsty because he sucked one of the divets dry. He washed down his water with a couple handfuls of mud. It must have smelled pretty tasty.
His watering hole.

Isaak helps Mommy

Isaak is constantly busy and I mean constantly busy. He likes me to be his playmate all the time and if I'm cooking, cleaning or doing anything else he wants to watch television. He is slightly obsessed with cars. When I turn on the DVD player he starts dancing around the room and giggling while he shouts out--Go!Go!Go! It makes me want to turn the television on just to see him get so happy. So I've been stressing out about his tv obsession so I wanted to get him involved in some of the stuff that I have to do. I make bread every week, so I enlisted his help. He would turn on the kitchenaide and I would turn it off and add more ingredients. I was adding the flour and I told him--Don't touch the button--No touch--Okay? He smiled at me and I bent over to get the last cup of flour.
I'm sure you can tell from the picture that he didn't listen. Right as I bent over I heard him push the lever all the way to high speed. Flour was everywhere. I had a second where I debated …