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I caught Isaak's cold. Isaak has to have surgery in a couple of weeks. His Eustachian tubes aren't functioning properly and he still needs tubes. Too bad his first set fell out already. So in any case while he had his cold it was miserable. He wasn't sleeping at night because he was coughing, but on top of that his ears are full of pressure because of some vacuuming that is going on and he finally got an ear infection. He had puss coming out his ear. Gross and kind of neat in a way--at least it wasn't over pressurized in the left side. He seems to be doing better though his cough is hanging on and believe me that cough hangs on. I don't really start coughing until about 8pm and then I want to say, "Who let the dogs out?" because it becomes a coughing frenzy between Cory, Isaak and I. So anyway back to my story.

I have felt overwhelmed and incredibly tired at times. Yesterday I decided to make a zucchini cake for St Patrick's day with Zucchini being gre…

me Crazy family

I love, love, love, love, love, love spending time with family. I love eating together, playing cards together, trying to play catch phrase, playing twister(I actually prefer watching this one!) and just sitting around the table chatting about nothing, but everything. I love it. I just wanted to share with those crazy people I call family a couple of pages that I've done of our recent adventures.

my favorite face

I love this face.
I love when Isaak thinks that if he whines a little and give me pouty face that I will decide that its warm enough to take his hat off. He's lucky that spring seems to have finally come. He'll be able to put away hat face for a season, but he doesn't escape the hat because I bought it a size too big and can't wait for him to wear it again next year.
Proof that he didn't pout the entire time. Also proving that I don't always give in and he's not the boss. But sometimes he wins and I give in, but not all the time and doesn't he look cute in that hat? these pictures were taken on my awesome birthday. It was the best sledding we did all year.