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CPR for little ones

We were having FHE aka Family Home Evening if you are wondering to yourself what in the world is's mormon lingo. I struck a deal with Cory that if I prepared the lesson then he would clean up the kitchen. I felt like I totally scored--reading through books or scrubbing dishes??? Reading through books!!! I prepared a lesson on parenting--since I am a parent. I decided to add a little spice to the lesson and do a physical challenge. I randomly decided to teach the ABC's of CPR. A is for Airway. B is for Breathing. C is for circulation. I show Cory how to check to see if a person is breathing and then I show him how to give emergency breaths. I let him practice on me, then our little spectator comes over and wham!!!! He gives me CPR to the nose. I guess he was listening, learning and excited to participate. We laughed so hard and I am so thankful that the camera was out, so I can share the exciting experience with you. I must say I learned a little more about parenting…


How to even begin....I have had so many thoughts swimming around in this mind of mine. I've been thinking about my age. I used to think that my prime was in my twenties. They say that it's all downhill after Thirty, but I've decided that I don't believe that. I just finished teaching an aerobics class on Monday and I thought to myself, "I feel more beautiful and collected now than I ever had before." I decided that I love 30 and I look forward to getting older because if that means that you feel more connected to the person you are then it will only get better and better. I read a funny little Christmas story called "The Christmas Scrapbook" and the man told his wife of 45 that he thought she was cute when she was younger, but that she was beautiful now. I think of all the women in my life and there is such an elegance, calmness and beauty about age. I love getting older--I bet some day as my sight c0ntinues to dive, my joints ache, and I start to f…

a picture of me

A picture of me....why? Well because I wanted to. My mom just finished making an album of our time in Kauai and I love this picture. I was standing on the edge of the "cliffs" and a wave hit showering me with water. I was shocked because I had no idea the wave would hit that high. My mom told me later to never turn my back to the ocean so I didn't accidentally get stole away by the the way the black edges are not a scary alien invasion--sometimes our lens doesn't open all the way, so we get pictures preframed.

I'm loved

The other day I went to meet my Mom for lunch. I had to feed Isaak, so I got there a little early so I could feed him in the parking lot. I've been listening to Christmas Music and thought it would be quite festive if we listened to Christmas music while he was eating. I usually feed him in the backseat because it's more discreet and there is more room. I also need to mention that all growing up my Grandma said, "Always lock your door so no one can get in." I've been terrified of these people that want in my car so I always lock my doors.
Since I wanted festive music I had to leave my keys in the ignition and climb into the backseat, which I did. I'm happily feeding Isaak in the back when I realize I haven't locked the doors! I start to panic what if those people want in now? we are so vulnerable. I better try to reach up front and lock the doors. Then I look over and realize that all the doors are already locked. I start to scratch my head in thought. If …