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Oopsie Poopsie

Isaak woke up from his nap soaking wet! Soaking! I changed his diaper immediately and I reached over to our diaper basket and it was empty. I hate having to go into the backroom and get new diapers because I seem to always be freezing and its cold in that room. Isaak pulled his little pants back up and I told him. If you have to pee or poopy let me know. He said, "okay mommy." I start heading to the backroom to get a package of diapers and the phone rings. I start talking, then I realize that it's already 5:30 and I need to hurry and finish dinner up. Isaak decides he wants to play upstairs.

All is coming together perfectly. Cory gets home right on time and we have dinner together. After dinner Isaak begs Cory to take him outside to swing. Cory relents, but not even five minutes later he comes back in yelling, "I'm going to need some help in here! HELP please!" Then it dawns on me--oops. I forgot to get the diapers from the backroom. Isaak pooped his pants l…

Random tidbits of things I have come to love

The number one favorite on my list


You might ask why cornstarch is number one. Isaak was put on steroids just over a week ago and boy did they not agree with his system. He got the worse diaper rash that I've ever seen. He had little open sores. He screamed loud enough that the neighbors a few houses away could hear him. We had been using a couple different diaper ointments, but he said that he hurt when we put them on. Cory's sister suggested cornstarch and guess what--it works like a charm. It worked faster than the diaper gunk(I have now started calling it gunk because I don't like it!) plus, plus--it didn't hurt to put on.

Your second question might be--why in the world did you put Isaak on steroids and to this I say--I just wanted him to bulk up a bit. He's a little scrawny. I'm kidding. He's been sick a lot and after we got the chest xray and some treatments our little Isaak was diagnosed with asthma. I struggled with this for several days.…