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Why is it that........

Why is it that Isaak loves Tofu, but scoffs at applesauce. I've tried giving him applesauce many different times and each time he spits it out and yells yucky, but when I made tofu the other day he was eating it right out of the little plastic container and said, "yummy." Why is it that he hates chicken nuggets and refuses to eat them by turning his face away and saying--no, but will easily share my sushi with me! What's wrong with this boy! What have we done! In all regards I'm kidding because I love it--all except for the applesauce thing. We bottled a ton of it and he's not even the least bit interested.

And why is it that I can never keep his clothes organized I feel like he's constantly growing out of things and into things and I always have some random bag of clothes that I'm not sure where to put. He wears a 2t top, but only an 18 mo bottom. Phew. I thought I had it all sorted out then I noticed today that his pants are starting to get short.



I hate this machine. This so called Nebulizer. Isaak hates it even more. I took some pictures of him getting his treatment and had to erase them because they are so sad. Isaak was super duper hyper sick. He woke up on Thursday morning and seemed fine, but by noon he started going downhill. He kept coughing and coughing and coughing and coughing and coughing. Seriously-he'd cough until he puked. We got an appt with our doctor because he's awesome and their office has late night hours. Cory and I thought we might be overreacting, but not so much. The Doctor diagnosed Isaak with Pneumonia. Yuck. I had pneumonia when I was younger and had to be hospitalized. Isaak didn't. Phew. We got an albuterol treatment that night and Isaak slept pretty well that night, but we had to go in the next morning to check on him. He was still sick and had difficulty breathing, so he got another shot, but alas we didn't ask for the albuterol because we thought it didn't help. We were wrong…

My Baby is cute

Okay so technically he's not a baby anymore. He's had his birthday and has moved over on to being a toddler. But I still find him to be enticingly adorable. We recently got his haircut which was so sad. He lost all of his blond hair. I have plans to spend huge amounts of time outside so that it will lighten back up. Or so I hope. It did help tame his swirly twirly cowlick. I love that I'm not always trying to get it to lay down nicely!I tried to pick a few favorites, but I couldn't so I had to use all of them. I think my favorite one is when he's throwing his head back and laughing. He has recently started doing that. I don't do it and Cory doesn't do it, so i think he must have learned it from Cruella Deville. He loves that show and calls it Puppies. So maybe it's his evil laughter, but in any case it's cute.

PS--Dear Winter--I'm done with the cold. Dear Spring--Please some soon!!!!!!!