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Alas I speak

First of all it was easy to get that Widget of the Baby on, but I have no idea how to get if off. It's not that I don't want to remove it, I just don't know how. I'm not the smartest blogger on the block. I bet there is some button that says remove widget somewhere.

So the big day finally arrived-if you want to know as little as possible I suggest that you read no further, but just scroll down and enjoy the pictures. I slept in on Thursday(last week)-it was glorious. I straightened my hair, shaved my legs and just slowly got ready for work. I then decided that it was essential that I pick up baby wipes from Costco. My body must have known that I would be needing them soon. I'm walking around Costco and all of the sudden I pee my pants. I was looking all around for a bathroom, but I couldn't see one anywhere. I thought well it was just a little leak and I know there is a bathroom at target and they are usually pretty clean. So I head over to target and I continue…

Our Merry Christmas Picture

It was the end of Christmas Day and we realized that we had lugged our camera around all day and hadn't taken any pictures. That means we were left to use the timer and rig up the camera on some boxes. Cory took a couple. I think photo two ended up better-we actually took four, but the first two were dark as night. All that work for one photo.
Cory making it just in time for the photo, but not enough time to smile. He looks like he just had the worst Christmas of his life. We had a really fun Christmas. We first drove through a wretched snow storm so we could eat the annual and traditional pigs in a blanket, then we came back home and ate a cheeseball and crackers along with chocolate and beef jerky-very healthy. Then we ended the night at Cory's parents house. It was a happy day. I love Christmas. I'm kind of sad it's over.


The time is coming to an end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm excited and nervous.......

Finally week 37! So this means that I can go into labor at any time and the baby is good and ready. I'm actually really excited for the whole birthing process. We just hired a doula and she said, "This is going to be so much fun." I like to think about that-it's going to be so much fun. I'm excited for the experience. I must also say that I love being pregnant. I know this is my first pregnancy, but it's amazing how perfect our bodies are and how they can change and just the miracle of creating life. Now it sounds like my emotions are talking-I'll probably be crying by the end of the blog.
My tummy is getting larger and larger. I've finally gained about 20 pounds and I've also been growing a centimeter a week. I know that is boring information to some people, but it seems like that is what my life revolves around right now. Either that or what stroller is easiest to f…