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Baby Food AKA Applesauce

So we have been working on getting our food storage. It's quite the task, but it's actually really nice because you hardly ever have to go to the store and you can usually make anything you want and not have to worry about missing an ingredient. Unless you're making something funky like Thai Chicken Noodle Soup and you need red curry paste-just a recent example. We came to the realization that we had a plethora of vegetables, beans, pasta, flour, etc., but we had no fruit. The other day we went and picked some apples and decided to make applesauce. So now we have added many jars of various types of applesauce we have anything in between chunky and too soupy even for a baby-Don't ever try to put your boiled apples in the blender and puree.
This nifty tool is a super, amazing, speedy fast apple peeler, corer, slicer. We can't take all the credit for this great device, my friend, Jenn told us about it. It makes applesauce easy and fun. Look at those beautiful apples. Al…

Happy Halloween

I absolutely love Halloween. We started talking about Halloween costumes in August. It's funny because so many people say they don't like halloween, but I love the idea of dressing up and other people dressing up. It's just fun. This Halloween we had a rockin' party at Desi and Heather's house(my brother and sister in law). All my nieces and nephews were there, well except for Mckenna. They are so blasted cute. Here are Cory and I in our costumes. I hope that you can surely tell that I'm a bumble bee and Cory is a Wasp. Cory said he couldn't be a bumble bee because it wasn't manly enough, but apprently wasps are. We even made our own wings and our extra webbing came in handy so we could harness those lovely wings on our backs.
This is our bees in action picture. We are practically flying away.
The Halloween spread. The finger cookies were so good and I'm now addicted to chexmix with golden grahams. The meanest sheriff in town. About half way through t…

A Sad Two Days

We had a couple of sad days this week. About a week ago our fish, Fred, started to look a little sick. He started to get fin and tail rot. I know that sounds bad, but it can usually be cleared up with antibiotics. We started Fred on some antibiotics and made sure the water had the right PH, but he continued to get sicker and sicker. The last few days of the week he lost his ability to achieve equilibrium and on Friday he finally just couldn't hold on anymore. Now I think that we would be dog people if we didn't rent, but we have definitely become fish people. I could watch Fred swim around for hours. He was quite the funny character. Cory has had him for about six years, so he was a pretty big fish. We were pretty sad when he died. This was the fish that we drove to get a new filter for over a year ago at 3am because he was overfed by some kids and couldn't breathe. But at least we still have Wilma, his woman friend, we thought.

She started to mope around the bottom of the …