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getting bloggy with it

I haven't read blogs and I surely haven't given mine a moments thought besides posting pictures and writing blog entries in my head through out the day and unfortunately none of them have actually made their way to type. But we've run into some computer issues and I can't access my journal-it's been about 4 months so I just stopped writing cold turkey and I'm kind of sad about it because I had been writing consistently for about two years. People always say that  blog is a journal which it is, but I write more in my journal than I ever would on a blog. I'm on fire about several topics right now. 1. Food-what we eat and what's in it. I've been reading articles, researching, experimenting and asking around. I've come to the conclusion that we need to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, seeds and nuts, oils, whole grains and minimize sugars, processed and refined foods, and red meat. Did you know that red meat actually acts as an inflammatory? As well as Dairy products like Milk? Who knew. But surprisingly it's not really ground breaking is it? We all know we need to eat fruit and vegetables, but I guess it's the disicpline of making sure it happens. We didn't eat sugar in March and saw amazing results. Cory lost about 8lbs and I lost about 7lbs and I didn't even know that we needed to lose weight. What? It also kind of grossed me out that I ate enough sugar every single month to sustain 7lbs on my body. Ewww. That's a lot of sugar. We have started using coconut oil regularly, cooking groats(steel cut oats) and making green smoothies-yep we joined the craze and lastly we switched over to almond milk because we like it better than both rice and soy-plus there's the whole hormone thing with the soy. So we've joined a grass roots approach to our food and Isaak is now taking fish oil to help reduce inflammation in hopes to help his asthma. He had about 9 attacks in two months and each one lasted for a few days each. It lead up to a lot of albuterol and an incredibly ornery toddler. So we decided to change. We started slowly and slowly we've been getting better and better at eating healthy.

2. Half the Sky. It's a book that was recommended by Ms Jenn. Thanks by the way. It's almost overwhelming reading, but it also inspired me and helped me realize that I can make a big difference in the world even if it's only cliche. It's about the plight of the woman in our times--human trafficking, maternal mortality and such. I'm only half way through, but I want to do something about it. When I first read about it I thought well it's not like there is anything that I can do about that--it's such a huge problem, but then as I thought about it-I thought, "Why in the world not?" Of course I can make a difference so this week I downloaded the Ebook from the library and can barely put the book down. I love nonfiction. Who would have known that real stories are much better than make believe--though I still am a sucker for happy endings.

3. Sleep. I can't get enough. My psoriasis are out of control and popping up everywhere. I can't take my medications because they affect my breastmilk and then little Chloe-Leona would end up drinking some sweet steroids. I have gotten a cold sore in my arm pit. Yep-strange and weird, but I get cold sore in my arm pit. The worst psoriasis I have is on the bottom of my nose. I picked and picked at it until it bled because it hurt so much and now i look like I have a big bloody booger constantly by my nostrils. Tasty. Chloe-Leona still isn't sleeping through the night! oh Chlo-Chlo!!! I'm waiting patiently and hoping. she was close then I started feeding her regular food ie avocadoes, bananas, and peas, but her digestive tract freaked out and we are not going to try solids again until she'a about 8 months old and I'm still nervous about it. I'm also subject to having extreme mood swings--I think because of lack of sleep. I haven't slept more than three hours straight in about two months. But I know in a year I'll barely remember and be crazy enough to think that I might want to get pregnant again.

4. Cory. He's the greatest man ever. He's sensitive. He's helpful. He picks me up when I just think that I won't be able to do it or I think I'm not doing it well enough. He's always complimenting me and flirting with me so that I remember that I'm a beautiful woman. He helps me with the chores and always is asking me what he can do to make it easier. He loves Isaak and Chloe so much. When he gets home Chloe smiles as wide as the Nile and if Cory doesn't immediately pick her up then she starts grunting and whining a bit--almost like she's offended that he hasn't whisked her away yet. Isaak starts buzzing like a bee and wants Cory to do everything for him and would prefer if I'd just disappear in general until I do and then when I come home he runs up to me and is happy to see me. I'm glad. Some days are really hard and I don't feel like I ever accomplish much besides breastfeeding, laundry, dishes, reading and bathing. I try to spend as much time with Chloe and Isaak as possible, but I never get the floor moped, nor do I always accomplish all the things that I'd like to do with the kids, but I take time to laugh a little every day and it seems to make the world glow. My favorite time of night is when we turn on Pandora and have dance time. I love that kids song -that has the words shake, shake, shake the silly out, etc. Isaak loves Shakira's waka waka. We have some diverse tastes, eh?

5. I've gotten into essential oils and I'm so in love with Doterra Breathe, Lemon, and Digestzen and Melaleuca. They make my life better. Who would have known? So that's it. My last couple of months. The things that have been stirring around in my head and what I think about when I shower or when I try to fall back asleep at night. I feel like I just caught up on my journal, but you about got a novel? Aren't you lucky that I leave out a lot of details??

Side note: Chloe started sitting up this Tuesday and she is getting to be an awesome crawler. She's getting fast and coordinated at it. Just like her brother in some ways and completely different in others. She's calmer and more accepting of things and gives in easier if it doesn't go her way. She won't cry for hours in the car ask Isaak would. Literally hours. I remember driving to St George when Isaak was just over a year old and he screamed for the entire four hours-nonstop. Wow. He only stopped when we pulled over. But she's determined and interested in the world--just like Isaak. People always tell me that they smile the same and just love people the same. I agree.


Heather said…
There is a whole paragraph on psorisis in the oil book. You should read it next time your at Moms (I am to lazy to type it for you)

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