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July 21st Radium Springs

I was awoken in the night by lightening and thunder. It didn't smell like rain so I assumed it was another lightening storm and I hoped it wouldn't start any forest fires. I fell back to sleep to be awoke by the sound of rain pelleting the tent about an hour later. I hurried and put a stake in the rain fly and crawled back into bed. It rained and it poured and it rained and it poured almost the entire rest of the night. We woke up to a soddy camp, but we had survived for the most part but because of my insistence that it wasn't going to rain we didn't properly stake down the rain fly so the tent was wet around the bottom. Isaak's bag was wet from snuggling with the wet tent. We knew we couldn't pack up until everything was dry so we had some farm eggs with bacon for breakfast. Seriously so good. Cory has been doing most of the cooking probably because it was my vacation and he wanted to do that. Probably the same reason we stayed up super late the first night playing soccer and go fish because the kids really wanted to. Cory kept telling me let it go its vacation.
Cory and I decided to do a short hike to Cat Eye Lakes while we waited for our tent to dry. We were lucky that the sun had come peaking over the mountains and shone through the clouds that still floated in the sky. The kids were none too happy about this idea since they had visions of swings and ziplines in their heads. We came up against a wall of complaints and whining that lasted until we promised they could go to the playground after. Isaak decided that he was going to run the entire way to get to the playground faster. Heaven help me. We were trying to get him to slow down. Chloe was crying because she wanted to hike with Isaak but he was going to fast. The complaining became bitter and annoying. I was about at the end of my fuse when we saw the green peaking through the trees. We had made it to the lake. Chloe was immediately pacified. We shed her shoes and jumped into the lake. It came up above her knees on the shore. Zella insisted of getting in until she realized how cold it was. The lake was so serene. We were the only people there and we just took a few moments to simply listen and be amazed by how beautiful it all was.
Mommy! Please take a picture with me!!!  
Cat Eye Lake

Chloe jumping on in and Zelly splashing

Premier Point Lake in the day
Then of course that moment ended because Isaak insisted that we get back immediately to play in the playground. He practically ran the whole way back to the playground. We made a quick stop at the lake as we hit the road at 1:30pm bound towards Radium Springs the gateway to Kootenay and Banff National Parks. Lussier Falls was a point of interest on our free map which had us intrigued to try out some natural hot springs. We diverted off our path and took a jaunt down to the hot springs. They were super hot and smelled like sulfur. Isaak kept saying--can we please go the smell is killing me, but Chloe became a little mermaid and swam from pool to pool in complete bliss. She is such an adventurer. We only stayed for about an hour because we had to get on our way. I slipped on one of the rocks and bashed my chin. Ouch. It hurt so bad. I walked into the cold river to help with the swelling. I tried to change in the car, but we finally just got going and pulled over halfway back to the road and changed.  We stopped to get some food, but our card was declined. What? We checked on it before we left. We used the credit card to buy food and the much envied kinder surprise eggs for the kiddos. We headed over to a bank and paid up to call. Cory got them to unflag our account and we were set to go, but the detour put us behind about 1.5 hours. We hurried to Redstreak Campground to find a campground full sign. We were so bummed, but decided to ask anyway. They gave us a spot in the overflow area!!!! We were the only ones there and we got to have a shower and use flush toilets!! Living the dream people. Living the dream of toilet paper and flushing. It was quite lovely to brush my teeth in a sink. Isaak made a friend at the playground named Owen who was from Banff. So weird that people actually live there. I guess his dad is a park warden. What a job! Isaak and him hit if off so well that they were sad when it was time for bed.

Lussier Falls 
Lussier Hot Springs
Invermere on the way to Radium Hot Springs
Big Horn Sheep 
We came across them as we were going into Redstreak


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