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July 22 Rampant Creek

Showers!! Showers!! Two days in a row!! I can't believe it! We woke up and hurriedly packed and headed over to Radium Hot Springs and the swam in the minerals of the ages. It was fun to see pictures of Radium back in the 1900's and late 1800's and people using the mineral pools. It wasn't fun to leave because the temperature has dropped. The high for the day is 60 and it's downright chilly. The sun is completely hidden by clouds. We entered Kootenay Park and have unpacked our jackets from the Yakima. We did a quick hike to Olive Lake and ran into Isaak's friend Owen from the camp playground the night before. What are the chances. Isaak was so excited. 
Our goal for today was to drive three hours, but since we are in the National Park System we keep stopping. It's so blasted beautiful. The Kootenay River is snaking through these tall mountains towering over you with all kinds of rock features at the top. Cory and I joked that it looked like someone dropped moab off on top of some evergreen mountains. They were so large that it was humbling. The Kootenay is an aqua green. It's not muddy or clear, but perfectly green. The contrast between the river and the mountains is stunning. 
We started off by breaking the rules. We stopped at some falls, but the hike was closed since the bridge had been hit by logs coming over the falls with such force that it shattered the bridge.  All that's left is a gaping hole. We hiked the trail anyway just to a small opening above the falls where a bridge would have attached to the other side of the canyon carved out by the water. Chloe wandered off and about gave me a heart attack because of course I was terrified that she'd fallen off a slippery rock and was swept into the falls never to be seen again, but I found her dancing on a rock looking over the river. I fervently admonished her to keep me in sight at all times especially when there's a raging river!! Banff oh Banff. It's so beautiful. I think we drove about three hours and pulled into Rampant Creek Campground. Here is the endorsement. It's so absolutely stunningly beautiful. Chloe asked if we could spend the rest of our trip here. Please go. Please go to Rampant Creek and walk by the river, look at the mountain peaks and enjoy the complete quiet of the mountains. The kids played hide and seek and simply reveled in the beauty of the place.
It's one of my favorite campgrounds I've ever been to. It wasn't full and the campsites are far enough away that you feel alone. The people with RV's or hardbacks actually didn't come out much because it was cold and rained on us all day long. On our way to Lake Louise we got drizzled on. Also a must see even if you have to fight hoards of people and way too many tour buses. We parked farther from the lake and hiked a lovey trail to see it. The Glacier above Lake Louise is phenomenal. I was amazed and it was mostly covered in clouds. Imagine if you see it on a day that has blue sky that isn't raining. Did I mention the fire ban? We didn't even get to roast marshmallows. Today I was mostly filled with awe. I took so many pictures. This is my warning. Ahead is picture overload. Way too many and I didn't even post any from Radium yet or all the shots we got today. I did all the journaling them the pictures since there are sooooo many of them.
Olive Lake in Kootenay National Forest
Green and incredibly clear
Chloe posing at Olive Lake. We did races from side to side. See Cory in the background
Numa Falls. Notice pieces of the wood that broke the bridge. It was difficult to get a picture of the falls because you were on a rock cliff next to the falls at precarious angles so I don't think any picture can capture the intensity and rapidness of Numa.
The big black bird with the beady eye who was incredibly tolerant of people
The whole crew before we went to Numa Falls
Cory being a super trooper up the steep hill to Lake Louise
Victoria Glacier is behind us with Mount Lefroy and Mount Victoria.We passed moraine from the glacier on the hike on the way up which they say was from over 100 years ago when the glacier was much larger and consumed the entire lake area and down the mountain towards the city of Lake Louise, which of course didn't exist at the time. The Lefroy glacier is also here, but has been reduced down to a small patch of ice at the base of Mount Lefroy.
I've been wanting to see Lake Louise since I started college. It is home to the Banff film festival which is an outdoor film festival that I attend in SLC every year. One year I dream of actually being in Lake Louse when it shows. Its similar to Sundance film festival for the outdoor type.
We took way too many pictures, but seriously Lake Louise?!?

Chloe off by herself again. At least there aren't sheer cliffs and raging falls this time.
Lake Louise when Isaak gave Chloe bunny ears again for which she has no tolerance
On our hike to Lake Louise. Wildflowers covered the fields, especially small white ones. You can also see the stream which is water flowing down from Lake Louise and the Victoria Glacier.
The vistas are beautiful and amazing. You can't look anywhere with out being filled with awe. These mountains even have a heart in the foliage. Can you see it?
More sweeping mountain views in Banff National Park

Crowfoot Glacier in Banff National Park with a small view of Bow Lake
I seriously can't stop taking pictures. It's been a day of breathtaking scenery. This was a short walk to offer great views of vistas right before rampant creek campground. The valley below used to be inhabited by Indians in the summer time and was an important trade route.
Riverside Trail hike by our campground in Rampant Creek 
Our awesome campsite-my favorite yet
The Saskatchewan River by our campground. It was green and quiet. Serene. This campground is located in what is known as the Icefields Parkway between Lake Louise and Jasper and is dotted with more than 100 ancient glaciers and waterfalls. We saw one waterfall called Bridal Veils falls, but I can't find the picture which is so sad since we have one in Provo.
Another view of the Canadian rocky mountains in the back of the creek.Wow. Apparently we are very close to some popular ice climbing hikes in the area that ice climbers from all over the world come to climb. Shoot we left our ice climbing gear at home. 


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