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Come on in....

Do you like my party hat?
Yesterday Isaak was exhausted but he avoided sleep valiantly for about 1.5hours so I finally succumbed and let him get back up. Chloe was sleeping, so Isaak and I ventured outside to play while Chloe slept. I actually read and Isaak decided he was going to play football/rugby with some of the neighborhood kids. The boys he was playing football with are about 10-12years old and there were about 6 of them. They let him play for about 45 minutes in which time Chloe woke up and we were both playing outside watching when Isaak announced that he was throwing a surprise party. I was quite surprised by this revelation and wasn't even completely sure that he knew what he was saying, but he invited all the boys into our house to his surprise party. I know at this point that Isaak came as a completely different personality other than my own because I was painfully shy and would never have dared do such a thing. Isaak not only dared, but proceeded to tell all the boys what games they were going to play at the surprise party. He shared his cars, several board games including risk, clue and jenga, got out all of his puzzles, and told everybody to play it up. He came up to me and said, "Mom-don't worry I'm having a surprise party with my friends." I told him that I thought it was a great idea and asked if he needed some refreshments like some popcorn-he thought that was a marvelous idea. So popcorn was popped and the sweet neighborhood boys played with Isaak at his impromptu surprise party for about an hour. Then they told Isaak they needed to take the surprise party back outside after they had played party clean up. Isaak was so proud of his party and kept talking to me about it the rest of the night. I'm so impressed with those boys for indulging in the whims of such a young boy and including him in their games. I only hope Isaak will be as gentle and kind as they were to him.
Doesn't everything go in my mouth?

But that wasn't our only surprise of the day. Chloe wanted to make sure that I was on my toes I suppose, so while I was making dinner she was crawling around on the floor. I was BBQing so I had the door open and was coming in and out checking on the chicken. I noticed that Chloe had crawled outside while I was finishing the rice and to my utter shock and dismay she had something in her mouth. I guess she was craving a french delicacy. She was eating a snail. Yep. I might have freaked out a bit. Isaak had walked on a snail while Chloe was sleeping and I had completely forgotten about the poor hopeless creature on the porch, but Chloe rescued him from his collapsed shell and gave it a try. I panicked a bit. I ran inside and pulled small chewed up pieces of snail from her mouth and washed her tongue with a washcloth and googled what happens if you eat snails. I almost called poison control but Cory arrived just in time to calm the storm. So I guess Chloe is ready for a world eating tour-bring on the food!!! 


jaredandgina said…
I love that Isaak threw a party on the whim. Love that kid!! Glad he made some friends albeit much older friends!! Man can't believe Chloe, that is gross. I am so not looking forward to that day with McKean. So far he hasn't really put anything in his mouth!

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