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no googling at 2am!!!

Remember that Chloe ate a snail? Well that night Isaak had some frozen yogurt. He was playing with Chloe in his room while he ate it. Afterwards he ran up to me and said, "Guess what? I shared." He was so proud of himself. I asked him what he had shared and he announced with great pride that he had shared not only his chocolate yogurt, but his white yogurt too. I was a little worried because Chloe hasn't really began eating solids. I told Isaak I was so happy that he had shared and gently reminded him that Chloe wasn't eating food yet. About 15 minutes later Chloe puked. I thought--oh well there it is. Her poor little tummy wasn't ready for that yogurt, sugar, chocolate goodness. I was relieved and put her to bed. She woke up shortly after midnight and I nursed her thinking she might be hungry, but when she finished she puked all over. I was soaked, the sheets were soaked and her pajamas were soaked.

She went right back to sleep and I debated if I should wake her up to change her, but morally I felt like it was mean to leave her in wet pajamas plus I needed to change the sheets or I too had to lounge in her pukey. So at this point I started thinking that maybe the snail she ate wasn't so harmless or funny. I started to get nervous. Chloe puked again while I was changing her and I was convinced that the snail was the culprit. So I googled, "My baby ate a snail." BAD IDEA. At this point it was almost 2am and the first hit was about a child that had died in Sydney from crawling through a slug trail. WHAT??? Slugs and Snails can kill? I read more and more about Rat Lungworm and how in Hawaii they recently had an outbreak of it and then there was a case in Louisiana. At this point I was almost in frantic tears about Chloe having eaten the snail. Cory was awake by this point and told me that he thought everything would be okay. I asked him to give her a blessing ( a priesthood holder asking God for a special blessing for the sick.) Cory told me that he was sure that whatever was bugging (that is not a pun) would pass. I said another prayer and finally fell asleep around 3am.

The next morning as I woke up I had a strong impression that Chloe was going to be just fine. I continued the morning like usual, but little Leona puked one more time and it was done. She was fine. I did call the Nurse just to make sure it was okay to eat snails in Utah. So I think the night would have gone much smoother with no frantic tears, paranoia, fear and dread if only I would have avoided googling!! Or maybe next time wait until morning when I have some more wits about me.


Jenn said…
I totally agree that google can really hype up your anxiety about anything! I've definitely done plenty of that myself. I'm glad Chloe is ok!

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